1. Cr33per K1ng X1

    Discussion  I found a way to read all files on Xbox

    With the latest insider preview for Xbox comes with the new Microsoft edge that is based off of chromium my first instinct was to try to access the C drive and it works perfectly then I proceeded to go through every single letter and here are my findings C:/ Main O:/ Disk Drive M:/ N:/ P:/ S:/...
  2. Sup iM Jeremy

    Tutorial  How to softmod the original Xbox in 2021 (Rocky5)

    Hey everyone, I just put out a video recently on getting this console softmodded. I know this has been covered 1000s of times but I think its good to have a refresher at least once a year Links for everything you will need below: Original Xbox:
  3. B

    Unsolved  Original XBOX Hard Drive Issue

    I figured I'd start a new thread instead of clogging up the XBOX softmod/hard drive tutorial with more of my problems. I've been battling with replacing my XBOX hard drive for weeks now. I tried a SATA drive with the adapter, thought I shorted it, bought another one, realized that there was...
  4. HorseMania

    2008 falcon Xbox 360 softmodding

    Hey I need help with xbox 360 modding, I have a falcon 2008, and I would like download xexmenu, dashlaunch, and freestyle dash, could I just use a usb or would i need something more than that, this 360 is unmodded. Would I need to downgrade the dashboard to a different version to do this?
  5. Buddy1983

    Solved  Deleted the wrong files

    Hi, I have just softmodded my Xbox using splintercell and all was going great until I tried to buy Coinops 8 on it. I didnt have enough space so I started deleting things on the HDD and deleted the original saves and files I used to soft mod. When I try to open the softmod settings option I get...
  6. NoloConosco

    Solved  Xbox 360 King Kong Linux Tutorial?

    After lurking for the past few days I finally decided to make an account because the information on this is either dated, scarce, or difficult to comprehend, especially for a super noob like me. I would like to run Linux on my Xbox 360 using the King Kong Exploit but don't know how. Although...
  7. Eddy Neddy

    Solved  Error Code 21 Messed Up Softmod

    So, I decided to softmod my Xbox about a few months ago and I decided to install XBMC using the Auto Installer Deluxe USB version (and Splinter Cell) and got all the way through to have it successfully work. Later on, I decided I didn't want XBMC and wanted UnleashX. I decided to uninstall the...
  8. Jamie Green

    Solved  No power after softmod

    Hi I softmodded an original Xbox yesterday all was fine went load chimp when I pulled the cable out the DVD drive to plug in the slave drive it went off the power board is still getting power any advice greatly received
  9. X

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 ring of light mods

    I noticed that when running linux on my RGH Xbox 360, the ring of light changes to what appears to show HDD activity. This made me wonder, is it possible to modify the way that the ring of light behaves with software, for instance to show a custom pattern when the Xbox is running? I searched...
  10. S

    Solved  What dashboard do i have/what chip?

    A few years ago my dad gave me this modded original xbox that he had recieved from his friend, besides looking pretty neat on the outside, it also had tons of xbox games and emulators for NES and SNES and pretty much every game from those consoles. But i was never able to access the settings or...
  11. W

    Discussion  I Think I Found a Way Softmod an Xbox 360

    So I was fooling around with my xbox 360 slim and removed my hard drive from it and hook it up via connection to my desktop. I unscrewed my desktop and connected it like a normal hard drive. So I explored the files using Xplorer360 and found out that the 360 emulates the original xbox to play...
  12. J

    Solved  360 Jtag Without LPT Port?

    I have 5 Old Xbox 360's (all With minor issues) Im trying to mod the oldest one I have. Ive confirmed it can be jtag'ed (The DVD Drive is fried though, from an unsuccessful mod). I'm Wondering if there's any USB > LPT Adapters that are compatible. I want to mod as Cheap as possible, (under...
  13. D

    Solved  Need help with My modded Original Xbox

    Hey guys, I'm new to the Original Xbox modding thing and I recently softmodded my Xbox. I upgraded the HDD to a 250gb hard drive. I've been having problems after problems with modding on the original Xbox to the point where it doesn't even feel worth doing anymore. 1) My first problem is the...
  14. Sparky Cheesehead

    Solved  Successfully soft modded xbox that I screwed up. help! :-)

    I'll try to make this short. I hope someone can help. I have a Halo edition xbox I softmodded successfully several months back. 5.11 version of the exploit. I recently had a small issue with original MS dashboard not showing up from modded dashboard options. Got an error and red blinking lights...
  15. MikeyZombiee

    Solved  Can I Softmod Dashboard 2.0.17511.0 ???

    What can I use to temporarily Jtag/Rgh My Xbox 360 kinect Dashboard 2.0.17511.0 .... I just wanna run unsigned code. Something like XEXMenu2.0 usb Commander Bootloader <<< Or Anything of the Sort. You Get it.
  16. alisa ollervides

    Solved  xbox softmod

  17. W

    Unsolved  Is there any way to jailbreak a 4.76 OFW PS3?

    I'd like to basically know all the ways possible to jailbreak a 4.76. My console is a Slim CECH 20xx so I'm in luck there at least. 1. Is E3 Flashing the only way? How expensive do they tend to be and where can I get them, me living in Sweden can make it a bit tougher too? 2. Will there ever...
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