1. Xyz12

    PS4  merryweather-MWSF

    Hi I’m the crew leader of MERRYWEATHER-mwsf 200+ members we are a military crew and well organized crew we are mainly focused on PS4 so if you wanna join us then msg me on psn or social club Crew We also have a group chat on PS4 and...
  2. Mario1991bmg

    Solved  Social Club Account & PSN link

    Hi guys, i have a little problem. I have a PS4 with an GTA/Social Club Account (lvl 85). I also have a PS3 with GTA/Social Club Account (lvl 140), that i have transferred to a new PSN account. Is it now possible to link both of my GTA/Social Club Profiles to only one Psn account without loosing...
  3. Freshhx

    Code  ★Official Hex Color Library★

    (Will update colors/previews soon as I can, daily.) ⚞⟁⚟ ShortURL: ₫Fʀᴇsʜʜ'ˢ ✭◭∾H͙e͙x͙ C͙o͙d͙e͙s͙∾◭✭ ◬✍ Hello, I am creating this post for people who'd like to save all the searching for a Hex color to either paint individual cars with, or to simply set your crew to a...
  4. N

    Solved  Hidden Socialclub

    I've been welcomed by the modding community and for around a month now I've experienced different kinds of mods and had a absolute blast with them. Even though since Rockstar updated the Banning system I wanted to improve my safety. I've seen it a couple times on people having their socialclub...
  5. Digital HD

    Discussion  Suspension, Ban, Cheater and Reset Discussion Thread

    Since there seems to be a lot of talk lately about suspensions, bans, cheater pool and being reset, I thought it would be appropriate to make this thread to hopefully cut back on the amount of threads being made about these topics. This thread will frequently be updated with the latest alert...
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