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  1. loghxn

    Service  [Social Media]Social media GFX service and CUSTOM Logo design(Instagram,Twitter,Youtube)(FREE)

    Hey guys this is my thread for social media GFX, I cannot do all things people request but i will give 100% trying to complete them all Request template below: Be sure to add me on discord if you have it, its much easier discussing on there My Discord -> loghxn#3956
  2. Introducing My PlayStation, A New Social Destination on the Web

    Introducing My PlayStation, A New Social Destination on the Web

    Today we’re happy to announce the launch of My PlayStation, a new social destination on the web. Conveniently access and engage with key PlayStation Network features on PC, Mac, mobile phones, and tablets. It’s a great way to stay tapped in with your friends and the PlayStation community when...
  3. Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS Social Service, Miiverse, Is Shutting Down Soon

    Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS Social Service, Miiverse, Is Shutting Down Soon

    One of Nintendo's ageing Wii U and 3DS online services, Miiverse, is going offline soon. Nintendo has announced that the service will be taken offline on November 8 at 3 PM in Japan, which comes out to 4 PM in Sydney and 11 PM PT the day prior in America. Nintendo announced the shutdown on its...
  4. TheHerald

    Solved  How not to get banned? (PC)

    Hello fellow sinners. So I have GTA V Online on PC and although I myself play legitimate, I am considering modding or getting recovery in the future. There are a lot of threads which explain how not to get banned - but of course no one can give a 100% security of R* not banning you. Other...
  5. DefiantDucky

    PC  The Red Talons Paramilitary Clan: 32 Active members! Daily missions!

    Clan Name: The Red Talons Theme: Vigilante Paramilitary Clan Tag: RTAL Gaming Base: PC Only Social Club link: http://socialclub.ro.../the_red_talons Leader Username: DefiantDucky Clan Website: http://theredtalons.tk/ Clan Goals: A Paramilitary themed clan providing older players with an...
  6. DefiantDucky

    PC  The Red Talons (Paramilitary Clan) 18 +

    The Red Talons 'et superare pervincere' We are the Red Talons, A paramilitary styled gaming community which is founded on teamwork, cooperation and organisation without restrictions and limitations, we are not a serious clan or not mil-sim, just themed and organised as such and players can...
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