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  1. Snipe him down

    Snipe him down

    I finally shot him down after an ongoing battle.
  2. KID boots me offline and calls my mother a ho ;-;

    KID boots me offline and calls my mother a ho ;-;

    up to my usual knife shenangins and all of a sudden im hit with a wave of extreme rudeness of the lowest class. the throwing knife kills and executions probably were too much for them :|
  3. Modern Warfare Multiplayer Sniper Gameplay

    Modern Warfare Multiplayer Sniper Gameplay

  4. aho

    Discussion  Garnet Droog Codes

    Just wanted to share the codes i didnt find any post with its codes since its tricky to add it with Gibbed Editor so here it goes: Full Vladof parts(damage): BL2(hwAAAAAOOAmCSAQMCwGFmoJpACMBhgXMBZj//2Rg/v/rIExByAHm) BL2(hwAAAACs9AmCSAQMCwGFmoJpACMBhgXMBZgbMGRg/v/rIExByAHm)...
  5. X

    Mw2 sniper Looby and trickshot looby

    Hi guys, I need people's for sniper Looby if you have interest send mensage in Xbox my gamertag is : X MysteryZz Y.
  6. Spursfan941

    Video  FortNite Loot

    Add me PSN BustedBong69
  7. GiantCCwaffle


    OASiS Gaming is a new 5 Man gaming team for Black ops 2 on Xbox one. WE ONLY WANT GOOD PLAYERS THAT WILL CONTRIBUTE TO THE TEAM. TO apply: Add me on Xbox(GT is SL0THxx) You must have a working Mic You must be at least 13 years of age You must not be annoying lol You must tell me why you...
  8. D

    All IW MW3 MW MW2 WaW Ghosts AW BO BO2 BO3  Dexterity Redemption recruitment challenge

    Hi, We are a sniping/feed clan and looking for new members. We are called Dexterity Redemption. We are new and are looking to grow and get noticed on YouTube.Myname is DR Jimmybob. The clan consists of me, the leader, and my friend called Blizzi i, The co-leader. The clan has a YouTube channel...
  9. llcubell

    Patched  Shooting though anything.

    Okay so I've know about this since the Smugglers Update. A friend and I were messing around and came upon it my mistake. There is one post that mentions a way to wall hack but from what I was reading it's not like this. I'm only posting this in the hopes that it gets patched quickly, it's broken...
  10. S

    Bo3 custom games

    Xbox 360 Join me for fun lobby. Message me first please. My gt is FlipperEagle220
  11. K

    All  New Multi Cod Clan (Team Saint)

    Hello Guys! I've been looking for a clan for several weeks now and so I thought I should just make my own! I play Xbox360 and PS4. This will mostly be XB360 Clan will be sniping and trickshotting Not really looking to make this clan too huge just want skilled players *side note* we might make...
  12. N

    All  No L'z Clan Recruiting GT:NoLz Made

    All CoDs Mw2,MW, MW3 Snipers and clippers Bo2,Bo3,Advanced Warfare and Infinity Warfare try Hards for competetive gaming and Gb, Gb experience would be cool. I wanna win some Tournaments with a group of players and gain some fans. Fun people who have nothing better to do than r*** at cod if...
  13. S

    Video  My first IW sniper montage

    Hello everyone this is my first montage i edit.
  14. oOI yusuf IOo


    ● This is a BATTLEFIELD 1 gameplay footage of me trying to tell you more about The mauser TANKGEWEHR M1918 . I'm HYPED to make more video's for you guys..!!!!! pls support me.


    Hi all, Some tips and tricks on how to snipe in BF1 Video - Be patient. Dont rush people. Try find a good angle on the enemies. If you get shot at by sniper or anyone then move, (dont try and retaliate) find new cover and set up again. When moving from cover dont run straight, try and...
  16. T

    MW3 PS3 Official Pro Jin Sniping Clan/Team RECRUITEMENT AUS, NZ, NC, USA, CAN,EUR,ASIA.

    MW3 PS3 Official Pro Jin Sniping Clan/Team RECRUITEMENT AUS, NZ, NC, USA, CAN,EUR,ASIA. Greetings Public Players and future clan members. I am currently the Leader and Founder of Jin-Jin Infinite Nation and this thread is for the purpose of recruiting new capable, full potential, skillful...
  17. E

    ENmiTy Clan recruitment

    Check oit YT channel ENmiTy Icky
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