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  1. N

    Hardware Mods  Slot Loading DVD Drive on RGH

    I am looking into making a 360 laptop. I want to make it to where it has a slot loading drive. Does anyone have any info on how to make one or which drive would work best or ANYTHING? I’m excited and motivated to accomplish this. I know on Xbox-scene there was a guy who did it but it has since...
  2. G

    Working  Create Your Own Magic Slot• Change Benny's Rims on Modded Cars

    Mod edit: There is a new alternative method using current glitches in the game. Thanks to Mnx (correcting spelling and ensuring formatting was correct for the site, ensuring tutorial worked) GTAGlitcher98 (adding additional wheel values) and sup4m0dz777 (discovery, helping update correctly) and...
  3. Captain Pocky

    Working  AVOID DEAD SPOTS -- A Guide to Vehicle Storage & "Any PV Any Garage" Glitches

    Hello all, Recently I have seen a lot of people trying to figure out what is causing their dead spots and I therefore thought I would create a thread dedicated to the things I have learned about dead spots & the way this game saves vehicles. This guide is broken down into background...
  4. Captain Pocky

    Tutorial  How to Organize your Hanger

    Hey all, I have been messing around with how the aircraft menu is organized and finally figured it out. I know I can't be the only one who gets OCD looking at an unorganized jumble of aircraft, so I thought I'd post my findings here for you. -------------------- So the floor positions each...
  5. Sylar Wolff


    *Method to clean empty/unusable spots in garages/facilities caused by getting special vehicles, such as Anti-riot, Chernobog, Khanjali.* Use the exploit to get personal vehicle in garage spot Credit to TutoFacileFrance for the drive in facility workaround. Credit to seven07doper and @115stig...
  6. PrinnyL0rd

    Patched  Office Garage Unusable Slots - Fix (PS4)

    Alright, well the Elegy glitch was working fine for the past 3 days, but today, literally just now my garage started to bug out. Every duped elegy would just keep replacing the last car I put in the garage, so I started to **** around a little with my garage after checking these forums for a...
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