1. ToXxiCxMoDz

    Unsolved  About to RGH a Trinity slim, I have a few questions.

    1. Is this everything I need?: I already have soldering iron and flux. I also have the necessary screwdriver bits to take apart the Xbox. I will be purchasing Ace V3 and J-R Programmer V2. 2. I am unsure if the parts listed above are for RGH or for RGH2? Also what parts would I need for the...
  2. G

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 Slim Error Code E79, 1033

    Hello, From what I've been reading over the past few days, it seems that this error is common with people trying to JTAG their systems. The issue with my console is that it is stock and hasn't been tampered with before. It just happened out of the blue and now the console won't fully boot...
  3. ilikefredy

    Unsolved  Matrix Muffin SLIM & FAT Bridge Points Question

    For the Matrix V1 & Chinese Matrix V3 chips different guides online bridge only one of the SLIM FAT points, while others bridge both. I've also soon videos where the FAT points are bridged in a slim and SLIM points bridged on a phat. Is there a trial and error to this or a proper way to bridge...
  4. C

    Unsolved  Got a free ps3 slim. What are the best mods?

    I mod n64 and snes jr consoles and my friend said he was going to throw his ps3 away so if I wanted to try modding it I could have it. What are the best mods I can install and what are ones to avoid completely? I’m comfortable with soldering and have a hot air work station so I could most...
  5. T

    Solved  Help Me update from 17489 to 17526 PLEASE!

    Hi Im rob. I use to mod a loooooong time ago like 17489 and prior . I use to have an account here but I don't remember any thing at all. so I was on google trying to get help on updating my RGH and saw the s7 links and here I am brand new. So now to my troubles. I have applied the 17526 update...
  6. N

    Unsolved  Downgrade from 4.83 to 3.55 PS3

    Hi guys, I need help downgrading my PlayStation 3 slim console from 4.83 to 3.55 It's a CECH-2501A model. I need to know what is required to downgrade it and any downloads that will help me do it. After I get it downgraded I would like to jail break it in away that will allow me to install...
  7. WulfyRoxas

    Unsolved  How to jailbreak/mod a PS3 OFW v4.82, Slim (Not Super Slim) Model CECH-3001B

    How to jailbreak/mod a PS3 OFW v4.82, Slim (Not Super Slim) Model CECH-3001B I recently got two old broken PS3s from a family member, took them apart, and replaced the broken parts in the newer one with the parts from the older one, (they were the same exact model so it's fine) and now it's...
  8. BilB0Y108

    Solved  Xbox slim red dot of death

    Hi everyone, I just dissasembled my Xbox last night to install a dual nand chip with spi and glitchchip for RGH, but after removed the motherboard, the heat sink and the x-clamp, the Xbox is no longer boot... I haven't reinstall the x-clamp, so the heatsink isn't tight on the CPU! When I power...
  9. D

    Solved  RGH Disk Drive Flashing

    So my RGH Corona 4GB wont read Xbox disk games. When i go back to an old flash.bin it works, but ever since i updated the new dashboard with my new flash.bin. It doesnt work. I believe its because i have not flashed my disk drive. Does anyone have a tutorial on how to do so?
  10. Saturn Mods

    Solved  Help!

    My Xbox 360 slim, now has a red dot blinking when I turned it on. It began as a ventilation error (maybe it was hot, maybe it wasn't) regardless I gave it awhile too cool, and tried again. It now just blinks red and upon start up. Not The HDD! And the power brick is green (good). Help.
  11. Wblegoboy

    Hardware Mods  ROL Board DIY Repair (Controller Disconnects)

    After I successfully RGH(2.0)'d my Corona 360, I noticed that my wireless controllers would disconnect randomly during operation - especially if the controllers were lightly bumped on my carpet or even vibrating excessively in some games. After some Googling I learned that this is a problem with...
  12. C

    Solved  Looking To RGH My Trinity Slim Console

    I was just wondering which chip I should use to RGH my Xbox 360 Slim with a Trinity motherboard. I keep seeing so many articles but they don't answer my question, if someone could help me out it would be much appreciated, thanks anyways, please tell me if you know!
  13. x86

    Solved  [help] is there an xex file to launch the stock dash from aurora?

    Which is the best way to launch the stock dash from aurora? I'm pretty tired of using the guide button to browse to system settings to launch the stock dash from aurora. Is there an xex file or another work around?
  14. O

    Solved  Slim Flashed But Weird problem

    So I had a bit of trouble and got a replacement board for my drive and now it's working. I have a bit of a weird problem though. It has a brand new laser and reads everything no problem. But I'm having a very weird problem with a game installed to my hdd. I install games so they load faster and...
  15. O

    Solved  Slim HDD upgrade

    I have an older 360 I've been using and it has a 120gb HDD. The slim I have is only 4gb. I know I can disassemble the 120gb and put it in the slim but apart from that can I just put any 2.5" HDD into it instead? I know you used to need hddhackr and a western digital. Basically my question is do...
  16. O

    Solved  Flashing 0225 Slim Lite-On. Need Help.

    Hi. I have an Xbox 360 here with a 16d4s. It has a winbond chip and the firmware is 0225. I can't seem to get the computer to read the key from the drive. I've tried a few times and I keep getting slimkey failed. Is there any new ways of doing this? I'e seen people saying get an x360usb pro but...
  17. imthebest115533

    Solved  Xbox 360 Trinity RGH2

    Hello everyone! I am new to this community and this is the only place i thought i could seek help. I would go ahead and buy a RGH Console, but i dont want to spend $200 on a console when I could do it myself. But the problem is, I dont know what parts & Software I need, because all the...
  18. E

    Solved  Trinity ridiculously hot southbridge

    I bought a RGH trinity with a instant red dot. Took it apart, found out that the dvd drive connector was put in backwards. When I disconnected it, tge console started glitching, but never booted. I thought perhaps it's just a corrupted nand or a bad timing file, but all timing files acted the...
  19. X

    Solved  Corona 4GB RGH help

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me as I'm looking to perform my first Slim RGH. I'm pretty sure I Have a corona V4/V6 motherboard with a 250GB HDD. I have bought the x360ace glitch chip and the corona post fix, I already have everything else such as JR programmer, soldering iron etc...
  20. afterjo

    Solved  Trinity, Matrix.V1 chip, RGH2. Can't boot xell

    Hello, lads I'm looking for help. Can't load to xell. Created dump, wrote ECC, programmed my modchip with DIY matrix programmer. I double checked wiring, IMO it's correct. The chip is glitching, but won't boot xell. Fan is ticking before glitch chip blinks, blinking is about 5seconds interval...
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