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silent hills

  1. TheScene

    Question  P.T. Demo (Silent Hills) Adding File To System

    Hey All, I figured I'd try to get this P.T. Demo to work since I didn't have a PS4 when the demo game out. I was on the xbox. But, I've recently switched over. Now, I got the file from this youtuber. Now, if i load this file I should be able to play the demo right? Or is it attached to that...
  2. Enigma3

    Xbox One PS4  Allison Road is back 2018 ??

    Allison Road is back 2018 ?? Here we leave your first and only launch trailer so far. The game collects the spirit of the already canceled P.T. of PS4. Do you feel like playing it?
  3. SYN1ST3R

    PS4  Redownload P.T. (Must have already downloaded it before)

    If you had P.T. downloaded and then deleted it before it was pulled from the PS Store you can download it again. Normally you will get a error if you try to download it now. I found this on Reddit and it worked for me. Credit for posting on Reddit: Orangpelupa SOURCE "P.T. is the latest game...
  4. Konami In Hot Water After Multiple Incidents

    Konami In Hot Water After Multiple Incidents

    Konami, the company that has brought us some of our favourite video game series such as the Metal Gear Solid series, is in some hot water today. Things were off to a bad start late last night when new information emerged showing us the new box art for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. All...
  5. Kojima Productions Disband

    Kojima Productions Disband

    It has been revealed today that Kojima Productions have disbanded and Metal Gear Solid V will be their final project. Akio Otsuka, the man behind the voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid took to Twitter to address the state of Kojima Productions. Japanese gaming website Gematsu have translated the...
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