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  1. J

    Boosting CTF Shipment

    Add or Messege - BaRCoDeMaJiC Must have 2 controllers and a mic!
  2. J

    WW2 - Boosting - CTF Shipment

    PSN: BaRCoDeMaJiC Need: - 2 Contollers - Mic
  3. T

    Modern Warfare Remastered (PS4)

    PSN: TrillKellz 2 Controllers: Yes Mic: Yes Prestige: 5th I'm a skilled player willing to join anyone looking for someone to boost or even just play domination shipment back to back with a full 6. Anyone else looking to join up with anyone who comes across this post including myself, leave a...
  4. C

    Cod MWR Boosting Sab/Dom All night

    Leave gt below for inv need 1 with 2 controlers must have mic going all night drop names.
  5. KP 9

    Shipment Boost 100+ Kills XP Domination

    Shipment Dom lobby. Will be using spawn glitch trap. Guaranteed 100+ kills each and XP. Most efficient way to do it. Faster than Sabotage Leave gamer tag for inv
  6. K

    xbox one shipment 24/7 need people

    need 2-5 people to get a shipment 24/7 lobby going on mwr, dont care what level, gamertag: Hexeity
  7. TheRealSK7

    Video  2vs16 Challenge

    Here a challenge 2vs16 on shipment try it for yourself!
  8. E

    Shipment 6 man

    Looking for 5 people to help run a 6man on shipment. I will be hosting all day. Just looking to level up and have fun, but ofc you have to be half decent aha. My psn is jay_wats99 . Leave ur psn here or send me a quick friend request! Thanks guys
  9. Just Matt

    Domination Boost

    Looking for people to boost in domination. Two controllers preferred but not essential. Leave gamer tag below or pm me and I'll get you in.
  10. J

    SAB Team Tac Boosting DOUBLE XP WEEKEND

    Looking for players to boost sabotage shipment with. Just need a mic. PSN: BaRCoDeMaJiC or leave PSN name below. Ps: when adding me, please message "boost" so I know to add.
  11. PureCision

    24/7 Shipment Lobby Domination PS4

    Need 5 people shoot me a message or add me. PSN: Cmusi95
  12. J


    hey guys looking for 3 players who wanna play 24/7 shipment hq for fast xp average 8000+ xp per game and about 100 kills iff you try hard enough lol drop your tag or message me on xbox gt: LeGap James
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