shadows of evil easter egg

  1. S

    Discussion  Need players for Shadows of Evil Easteregg Xbox

    I'm looking for players to help complete the Shadows of evil Easter egg on Xbox. Message me if interested. GT: SynSkittlez
  2. Z

    Discussion  Looking for people to do the SoE EE on PS4

    Hi, I’m trying to find people to do the SoE EE on BO3, because doing it solo doesn’t count as completed apparently…if you live in Europe (so we have a decent internet connection) and are on PS4, hit me up
  3. Ruff xXTempaaXx

    Shadows of Evil! EasterEgg

    Needing 3 people to do the Shadows of Evil Easter egg with. REQUIRMENTS -Must have mic -Must know what they're doing -Mature Msg me ~ Ruff xXTempaaXx
  4. Jshea2333

    Need one for shadows of evil EE

    Need one person for shadows of evil Easter egg at 8 pm! Please be good at zombies and know the map and how to upgrade the sword and hold your own! My guys are pretty good so we'd like to play with another good person also! We know Easter egg we just ask people to know it because it's easier that...
  5. ProGlitcher


    So in the Video below i Show you what will For a FACT lead us to Finding FUTURE Easter Eggs on SHADOWS OF EVIL Or THE GIANT. Watch The Video below so you can see How the ( MEAT WAGON ) Upgraded Starting Pistol Will help us Achieve more than we have Now. I Hope this will Lead to something...
  6. ProGlitcher

    Discussion  NEXT STEP FOUND!? Secret TEDDY BEAR On Shadows of Evil

    So in the Video i show you a Teddy Bear hidden in Shadows of Evil. Could this Lead to the next step to an Easter Egg?
  7. S

    Shadows of Evil Easter Egg

    Looking for some experienced players to help do the Shadows of Evil easter egg. Please message 'Scythe II' on Xbox One if you want to play. You must be able to get: - All rituals done on low round. - Get Aphotican Egg at low round - Know way round map.
  8. E

    Shadows of evil EE

    if you want to join. You will have to be experienced and know how to do the easteregg. If you do not listen I will remove you. Message me at. Gt. EpicGenetic 007
  9. Josh Keatley

    Video  Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil Laundry - 500 FREE POINTS Easter Egg Mob of The Dead Sal Deluca EE

    Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil Laundry - 500 FREE POINTS Easter Egg Mob of The Dead Sal Deluca EE #BO3Zombies#BO3
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