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  1. Jessyskullkid

    Discussion  Xbox 360 Achievement Modding 2021

    Hey all, It's been a long time since I've last modded achievements on the 360. I've only modded about two individual achievements back in the day and it was for GOW 2. Is Horizon still functioning for the unlocker? I'm trying to unlock some Halo achievements that will no longer be obtainable...
  2. mountaindew117

    Solved  Looking for repair and modding service

    Hello all. I'm currently in the markert to get my Xbox 360 slim repaired and modded. Repair wise my touch sensor on my console has stopped working and will no longer power on, I have tried myself to install a new cable but the unit still will not power up. Repair wise thats all the console...
  3. PlayStation Vue Subscription Service Change

    PlayStation Vue Subscription Service Change

    We wanted to provide advance notice to our PlayStation Vue customers about an upcoming price change to PS Vue’s multi-channel plans. Starting July 24, 2018, the price for all PS Vue multi-channel plans – Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra – will increase by $5. Current subscribers will see this...
  4. loghxn

    Service  [Xbox One & Discord]Gamerpic/Display Pic Service(FREE)

    Hello, I've been doing this sort of service for a while now on other forums but recently decided to start doing Xbox One gamerpictures, all of my work is free and always will be. To request work i need this information:- If you arent sure what font you'd like go to dafont.com and pick one! Be...
  5. ToXxiCxMoDz

    Solved  Any NAND reflashing services <$30?

    I accidentally flashed a NAND incorrectly and now it's bricked, but I do have a working NAND. I would prefer if the service were less than $30 because I'm probably not going to get much more use out of this console even if its restored to working order. Thanks!
  6. Microsoft Plans to Launch a Game Streaming Service

    Microsoft Plans to Launch a Game Streaming Service

    Microsoft’s Phil Spencer says the company has plans to debut a game streaming service some time in the next three years. In an interview with Bloomberg, published today, the executive vice president of Xbox says that some types of content will not require a console. The interview, which comes...
  7. tohagage

    Boosting Service, from level 1 up to level 70, The Pre-Sequel

    Hi Guys and Girls, I'm hosting a boosting service for anyone interested, i will take one gamer tag at a time, you will have to wait your turn, any time between 9am and 3am Auckland - New Zealand Time, i will not always be online, but when i am i will help. P.S I'm on Xbox360 only, and I am not...
  8. JONNY0

    iOS Mobile Android  Admin Approved | Family Guy Recovery Services

    I have created a hack for the game Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff and would like to offer my service here to everyone who wants help in the game. I can do anyone's account so you don't need to worry if you are on iOS or Android devices, I can still do your account. In order to receive these...
  9. J

    Solved  Who do i send my 360 to for this?

    Hello, I would like my Xbox 360 (Modern Warfare 3 Edition) console to be modded. I dont care if its Jtagged or Rgh or whatever the ****k... I just mainly want to host modded lobbies and do recovery services. Who do I send my console to for this? I heard IMoses but I am having a hard time...
  10. JONNY0

    iOS Mobile Android  Admin Approved | 1000+ Completed | Simpsons Tapped Out Recovery Services

    I have created a hack along with a few other people I personally know and would like to offer my services to anyone who wants help getting anything in the game :smile: I can do anyone's account so you don't need to worry if you are on iOS or Android devices, I can still do your account. In...
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