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    Unsolved  Downloading updates without a stealth server?

    I don't want to play online multiplayer, I only want to go online to download updates for games. is this possible without a stealth server? or will I still get banned? I'm aware of sites like unity where you can get updates, but not all updates are there.
  2. O

    Discussion  New Black Desert Online Server launching today at 8pm GMT-2

    Welcome to PrimeBD a non emulated server running official files Server information: Current Content: Nova with Awakening/Succession and O’dyllita content. Server Location:EU 1 to 62 will be fast, and then slower. Level 65 is the highest level. Skill Exp: x50 (You'll never have to be...
  3. Insurgency Sandstorm | Checkpoint | ISMCarmory Mod, Supply Point Mod + more | Safehouse (Custom Map)

    Insurgency Sandstorm | Checkpoint | ISMCarmory Mod, Supply Point Mod + more | Safehouse (Custom Map)

    There are a couple mods being loaded but basically this is the ISMC Mod, AllYouCanEat mutator, and smartAI being loaded onto a custom map (SafeHouse) that could be found on the community page. This map is actually super well designed and very nice aesthetically, I suggest putting it in your server.
  4. hawayman

    Discussion  [PC] Undead Wasteland Livonia - Treasures, Custom Y X, Radiation, Airdrop, Loot

    Undead Wasteland Livonia DayZ Server is offering experience what most of servers don't have! Server has a reasonable amount of mods (mods what actually is useful and cool) and uses vanilla Livonia map without any custom building bull**st. Reasons why you should join Undead Wasteland server, has...
  5. hawayman

    Discussion  delete

  6. 1

    Basic-Craft SkyBlock 1.14.3

    Server Name: Basic-Craft SkyBlock Max Players: 75 IP: Short Description: We Are A Survival SkyBlock Server Looking For A Friendly Community. We Hope To See Some People On. We Are Not Looking For Staff At The Moment But If You Play On The Server For Some Time You Might...
  7. BullyThirteen

    Solved  Lots of server splits lately...

    Is it just me or have their been a lot of server splits latley. (Server splits are when everyone leaves the lobby at once and then you get the message that you are in a lobby alone) Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I'm on PS4, w/ comcast for my internet.
  8. PriitySiick

    Would anyone be down for a BF4 boosting server?

    I'm trying to do some assignments to unlock stuff. However it seems that most people don't run the maps that I need to complete some of them. So I was thinking of renting a server to play on maps to help finish these assignments and I was wondering if anyone would be interested.
  9. Nicholas8657


    Liddy's Rust Server Status: Alive Search Liddy's Rust Server on rust to find us! Over 35 plugins with op kits Server is new
  10. Hard man

    Solved  RGH Fatal crash

    Need help to solve this. when i use a different stealth server for example XBLBallin.xex my rgh works and loads the screen but when i try to use teapot emulated. it fatal crashes at the logo screen. i have done it many times i put a fresh launch.ini on and it works. but it never works with...
  11. Natanorcus

    New! Ark Server "Abyssal Ark" Join US!

    If not allowed please remove. Hello there, we recently opened an ark survival evolved server, and we are looking for players to join us! we have many active admins that are willing to help people when they first join. Here is our Server on ""...
  12. T

    PS4  Real life roleplay PS4 server open for applications

    NEW RP server for ps4 Real life RP is a new server were looking for serious members that will take RP serious 16+ ONLY ROLES OPEN: Police Motorcycle club Mafia Civilian Military Tow truck Taxi ATC EMS And many more If you wanna join the server Go to our website here there you'll find an...
  13. T


    Join the most entertaining Role Play Community on PS4 today. Our server is about entertaining interactions, building relationships, crime life, Police life, Everything you would expect from a season of Cops, The Wire, The Sopranos, Power, CSI, ETC. all intertwined into one Realistic Role Play...
  14. Destiny 2 Server Maintenance Today, Here's Exactly When

    Destiny 2 Server Maintenance Today, Here's Exactly When

    Destiny 2 will be unplayable for a few hours today as developer Bungie performs server maintenance. The company is taking the game offline for around three hours to perform the maintenance, which applies to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It's in order to prepare the game for the launch of Destiny 2's...
  15. Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance

    Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance

    Following a delay, Destiny 2's scheduled maintenance period is officially underway. The process is expected to last for approximately six hours, and for most of that time, the game will be rendered unplayable as Bungie performs server maintenance ahead of Curse of Osiris's release next week...
  16. World Of Tanks Finally Adding A Server For Australia And New Zealand

    World Of Tanks Finally Adding A Server For Australia And New Zealand

    Australia and New Zealand are finally getting their own local servers for the massively popular free-to-play tank-battling game World of Tanks. Developer Wargaming has announced that the local PC server for both countries will open on November 1. This is good news for players in these regions...
  17. World Of Warcraft's Fan-Made Legacy Server Shut Down Hours After Launch

    World Of Warcraft's Fan-Made Legacy Server Shut Down Hours After Launch

    Felmyst, a private World of Warcraft server developed by fans and designed to emulate Blizzard's MMO as it was in 2007, when its Burning Crusade expansion launched, has been shut down. The server launched on July 21, but was shut down just a few hours later. Gummy52, a developer on the project...
  18. Kronium

    Bukkit Server recruiting staff!

    Server Name: NextLevelGames Max Players: 9999 IP: Rules: Be respectful guys... this is a beautiful community (minecraft) Current Staff: Just me Kumbhakarna Staff Application (If recruiting): just send me a dm on skype: nisoven.1103 Ranks: newcommer, builder trial-mod mod admin...
  19. Skiletro

    PC  CS:GO Jailbreak Server Help.

    hi, i'm trying to setup a cs:go jailbreak server but i need assistance on setting up certain plugins, etc. Any help would be sick! :D
  20. Pie

    GTA V Zombie Server (this is NOT a modded lobby!)

    !!!THIS IS PC ONLY!!! This is not for modded money, etc. There is no risk in joining in these custom servers. They do not run through Rockstars server. You do not get an invite to the server, you must join them yourself. The Zombie Server is 24/7 24 People Max Not sure if I need to say this...
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