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  1. 4

    Solved  Cripps delivery value only half for posse members.

    When I complete a sell mission for Cripps, my posse only receives half xp and profit. Previously it was full money/xp, and everyone else seems to be reporting getting full values. Is anyone else having this problem? Any solutions? Thanks!
  2. Silent Nine


    -Tutorial- *You Need Two Players* Get ANY animal. Go to Blackwater and on the right side on the docks. Make it so your horse is in water. Have your friend shot your horse. Call in your horse after it dies. Make sure you have the first animal that dropped in your hands and do make your horse...
  3. P

    Solved  Did R* changed Sultan RS sell price?

    I noticed it lowered from 750k to 633k. about 15% less. is that world-wide or just for me?
  4. P

    Solved  Cheapest Jtag Xbox 360

    Yo Dude! (Parker Zip) Hey guys im looking to buy a Jtagged OR Rgh Xbox 360 Where can i buy the cheapest one that is not banned and could play Black Ops 2? Thanks in advanced!
  5. G

    Solved  I can't sell my Duped vechiles what do I do

    I did the moc duplication glitch with a friend to dupe the cheetah classic,I did the duplication.when I go into LSC it says can't sell any car over 50k and I can't do anything to them but I can drive them around and do races with them.What could I do?please reply back I got 5 cars that I can't sell.
  6. L

    Solved  How Do I Increase My Daily Selling Limit?

    Hi there, I am trying to sell my cars over 100+ but will take me ages selling 2 a day, is there a way I could possibly up the amount over time or will I have to stick to selling 2 cars a day? Thanks.
  7. Kaydee_024

    Patched  Duke O' Death Selling Glitch 1.39

    First i want to thank LispyLeaf, because he discovered this Glitch. Link to his Video: Share This Post With All Your Friend So They Can Enjoy This Glitch As Well. Needed: - Transferred account from PS3 to PS4 or from XB360 to XB1. -garage The reason why you need a Transferred account is...
  8. G

    Patched  [PC only] Import/export: bypass car selling cool down wait time

    Found working on PC only. Might work on other platforms but NOT tested. Steps: Go to your import/export car warehouse, select a top range car for selling then mod it as required. Drive to the destination yellow circle and drive the car in the yellow circle to complete the export. During a few...
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