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  1. C

    Solved  Vehicle Sell Limit Bypass Methods?

    Hello, I've been using a bypass method to sell my duped cars without limit. I shared this method on another thread before, so to save myself some time from explaining it, here's a quote: Recently my method has been sorta patched. They removed the sign out option altogether from the Social Club...
  2. T

    Solved  Sell limit fix?

    I personally haven't glitched in a while. Money is so low I've resorted to selling old cars I don't drive anymore. Still limited to 1 car a day. Is that permanent? Been stuck like that for 1 1/2 to like 2 years now. Is there any fix. Don't know if I'll go back to money glitching, but I do wanna...

    Solved  Sell limit

    Hello I read the the post on the daily sell limits I don’t get it I don’t have a exploit level and my cars are given clean plates every time I dup (I put custom plates on them for extra safety) so should I sell 1 every 61 mins until I sold 8 them wait 30 hrs
  4. F

    Solved  Easiest way to get rid of free elegys in garage

    Sorry if I’ve not posted this in the correct place I’m not sure but I think there needs to be a discussion about the best and easiest way to get rid of lots of cars I.e free elegys that your not using to dupe I have loads stored in random garages from previous glitches and was looking for some...
  5. CBD420

    Solved  Hit limit without hitting limits

    So i just hit the daily sell limit after 1 sale. I keep record of every sale. Dont sell over 8 and never more than 2 per 121 mins. Wasnt selling dupes. Was actually oppressors from a pre doomsday money freeze. I sold 8 last monday then none all week and 6 between saturday at 145 pm est and...
  6. Beach king

    Patched  Faster Bypass Daily Sell Limit-PC Only

    First of all I would like to direct some credit to other users who discovered this method, I added my extra steps to make it faster :smile: /u/Chaoticredux and Alcorius Time needed to sell a car is 3 Minutes/Car max. Prerequisites: NetLimiter (You can install it from here) Cars to sell You...
  7. Username5336

    Patched  Get rid of sell limit

    To get rid of sell limit 1. Sell other cars that not duped Best one for me was selling other cars that were not duped and yes I did get the 1 per day sell, just do this for a week but sell one unduped car for the 1st few days then 2 , once at 5 start to sell 1 per hour but make sure you don't...
  8. M

    Solved  Free Car Glitch Question

    Hello, I am new here and I have never really used any forums before, so please bear with me. I recently did a glitch on GTA V on Xbox One. I haven't used glitches in game since the game was only a year old. Anyways, the glitch just allowed me to buy cars for free, so I proceeded to give myself...
  9. K

    Solved  Regarding Dupe Glitch with Automatic Custom Plates

    I recently did the dupe where every car you dupe it automatically changes the plates to a random one.after I sold a few I hit my limit. I tried a day later and could only sell 1. Am I detected even though the cars all have different plates?
  10. L

    Solved  How Do I Increase My Daily Selling Limit?

    Hi there, I am trying to sell my cars over 100+ but will take me ages selling 2 a day, is there a way I could possibly up the amount over time or will I have to stick to selling 2 cars a day? Thanks.
  11. NicGoRe

    Working  Daily Sell Limit for Personal Vehicles

    This information is meant to be a safe guide or strategy to selling duplicated vehicles. Over the last 2 years, I have seen quite a few changes in this information. Keep in mind that I do not actively monitor the tunables, background scripts or modshop files after a new update. If a new update...
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