1. boonk

    News  GTAV Online Security Update 1.66(PC)

    GTAV Title Update 1.66 Notes (PC) An exploit used by hackers to corrupt character data and ban players has made the PC version of GTA Online unsafe since last month. The good news is that you can now resume playing GTA Online. The PC version of GTA Online has been restored to a safe state...
  2. Xavierwilson

    Discussion  Is there a way we can confirm SQL Injection

    How I can confirm the particular breach of security was done through SQL injection?
  3. victimizing

    Firefox Enhanced Privacy

    I couldn't really find a category for this post so I felt that this was the most fitting but here it goes my first thread! :wink: Enhancing Firefox for privacy, of course! Hey guys I wanted to make a thread...
  4. CISA - Legislation That Endangers Freedom, Privacy, and Societal Progress

    CISA - Legislation That Endangers Freedom, Privacy, and Societal Progress

    Ever since the tragic events that took place on September 11th, 2001, the world has been in an on going “war on terrorism.” In the US, legislation like the Patriot Act was created and many pre-existing organizations, such as the NSA or GCHQ, increased in strength. Similar effects can be found on...
  5. Certifi-Gate Android Security Vulnerability

    Certifi-Gate Android Security Vulnerability

    With the number of smartphone purchases and usage increasing every year, hackers are constantly given opportunities to access backdoors into our handheld devices. Recently, there's been a new flaw discovered among Android software that's being dubbed 'Certifi-Gate'. This blemish in the system...
  6. Steam Accounts Compromised By Security Bug

    Steam Accounts Compromised By Security Bug

    Valve has started resetting passwords, after a bug would let anyone reset an account's password with the username alone. This security flaw was found last week, but Valve is just now fixing it after many complaints from famous streamers and DOTA players. Normally, you would need email access to...
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