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  1. James Reborn

    Game Mods  Reborns Playground [PythonSDK Mod]

    This Is out of the blue but I been working on a little project for a few days I think it's good enough to release all information is in the zip source is included this is a mod for PythonSDK PythonSDK Installation : https://bl-sdk.github.io/#mod-installation DOWNLOAD ...
  2. xexcaleb

    Solved  Xbox 360 Neighborhood is broken/Wont uninstall

    I have been trying to uninstall neighborhood because of problems i was having with connecting to RTM tools but it just wont uninstall. I uninstalled the files and emptied recycle bin but its still on my computer. So i reboot my computer and i still can open neighborhood through the file...
  3. Harmonic

    Solved  Help adding Xbox One to SDK

    Hey, So my Xbox One has been activated and it is now in Dev Mode. I also have the Xbox One SDK installed on my computer. How wold I go about adding my console to the SDK? Many Thanks.
  4. C

    C# RPC Tool Troubles

    Greetings Se7ensins community, I'm struggling to get either of my computers in my household to communicate with my RGH X-Box 360 through Visual Studio. I'm trying two computers, both 64-bit Windows 10, one has Visual Studio 2015 along with X-Box Neighborhood installed (NOT SDK); the other...
  5. OvaKill

    Solved  How would I get a Whitelisted Dev Kit?

    I'm looking for a way to get a whitelisted Dev Kit I heard if you develop a Game on PC and decide to port it to XBOX 360 MS would give you a white listed Dev Kit but any other ways to get a true White Listed Dev Kit?
  6. T

    Solved  Need help connecting to Neighborhood

    Hello :smile: I've read the "Read before asking" thread. I've searched google. But here I am... :frown: My problem: Everytime I try to connect my RGH Xbox360 to SDK (20871.2) using Neighborhood (I just want to alter a skin for Aurora) I get the error message on my computer, that my Xbox360-IP...
  7. D

    .NET  Platform 'Xbox 360' referenced in the project file cannot be found.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm trying to build my own Xbox 360 .xex's, but having issues loading existing projects, and just can't find references anywhere! I'm using Visual Studio Premium 2012 When I attempt to load an existing project, it comes up with the error in...
  8. superaison

    Tools  Microsft Original Xbox XDK 5933 (Xbox SDK March 2005)

    Original Xbox XDK 5933 (Xbox SDK March 2005) WAM is proud to present XBOX XDK 5933. Digital signatures removed to protect the guilty. This release is for all the great xbox homebrew developers out there. WAM loves you all!! Notes: ~~~~~~ So Whats this? A new XDK? But microsoft said 5849 was...
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