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  1. lama wita ak

    Question  make it so i cant be muted

    Is there any way to not be able to be muted in a xbox party. Asking for a friend.
  2. K

    Question  Disabling A Specific Ped's Ragdoll?

    Hi All, Thank you for taking the time in reading my inquiry and the possibility of providing a solution for me, which I would greatly appreciate. I am interested and wondering if it's possible in regards to disabling the ragdoll effect an NPC ped has when sustaining damage, however for a...
  3. iamabignumber

    Mod Menu  IMPULSE MENU - Kick Logs

    Use it wisely, skids... :wink: :44:23] [INF] [sge] num args: 24 | event id: -1246838892 | sender id: | receiver id: Invalid [1:44:23] [INF] [sge] num args: 16 | event id: 930233414 | sender id: | receiver id: Invalid [1:44:23] [INF] [sge] num args: 16 | event id: 297770348 | sender id: |...
  4. FaR Cosmic

    Question  Need some help with GSC editior (C++)

    Im kinda new to scripting and i am trying to make a script for my friends private server. I just would like some help if anyone can show me around this program. Any and all help would be appreciated. HMU Here @Szari#3157 - Discord or Steam Profile
  5. xStormsnoutx

    Game Mods  [REL] Freeze & Defend v2 (Dec 23, 2017)

    !! For anyone having lag problems with this: Disable the Object Protection under Premium Options -> Protections. !! Containing: -Gamertag Spoofer -100 of new exclusve Heli Hacks for winning every dogfight -Scripted WeaponInfo.xml mods -More accurate Ghost detection -New and updated freeze...
  6. GTA_Glitcher

    Solved  Need help with in game scripts

    Hello, I'm looking into a few things right now but I need someone on PC to help me. I am trying to see the script that the game has to run through when an online player puts a vehicle in their garage and the one for when they go into lsc. If you can copy the scripts and put them in an online...
  7. Ratsz

    Solved  Scripts won't load?

    Not sure if this is the right Subforum, but I'll give it a shot. I recently started modding my SinglePlayer, and the custom Cars work perfectly via OpenIV, it also reads the .asi files without problems in my root GTA folder. BUT everything I put in the scripts-folder just won't get loaded. I...
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