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  1. M

    Question  RGH Bo2 Black Screen AFTER Attempts

    Hello, I am really struggling right now and hoping someone may be able to give me some advice. I downloaded a good file of Bo2 to start which included all the DLC's I then followed ImOx's tutorial to the dot with all his files he had linked and what happens is that I go to start the game using...
  2. peanutismint

    Solved  GTA V stuck on loading screen... Title updates in Aurora??

    I have Grand Theft Auto 5 ripped from my own disc but when it boots it gets stuck on one of the intro loading screens with the cop and the chick (looks like this) and just freezes. I can quit back to Freestyle Dash (Aurora actually) from the home button menu but nothing I do gets past that...
  3. R

    Solved  Please help, RGH Black screen

    I just went to update RGH and got done flashing the nand and putting it back onto my RGH. It rebooted (tried) after that and now it will not turn on. Just sits at black screen and the only light on is the bottom right light for the LED ring. Also Xell will not boot. No matter what I try I just...
  4. T

    Solved  Getting a RGH Xbox 360

    Okay guys i have some questions, i read the read me now i want to get into things. I used to be an avid gamer, and since Jtags' were a thing i have always wanted one. Fastforward to today. I recently got a used Xbox One for a reasonable price, 185. I only got it to play Battlefield 3. I do not...
  5. D


    First of all sorry for my bad English, I'm Dutch. So I decided to go on CFW bcause I wanted to mod on Ghosts. A guy in the neighborhood did this for me. He likes to jailbreak PS3's. My PS was ready and I couldn't wait to mod Ghosts. This guy from my neighborhood told me that I had to go online...
  6. Z

    BO2 Black screen with ninja fix.

    Okay, so after explaining this 100 times I am just going to make a post to link to lol. If your RGH/JTAG stops on a black screen and you can still dashboard after the new NiNJA update, here is the problem. NiNJA currently has a compatibility issue with the modded default_mp.xex needed to run...
  7. Hijinks

    Shia Labeouf - "Just Do It!"

    Anyone have the 'Just do it' motivational video with background removed? Preferably in a Sony Vegas project file. I have tried adding the 'Chroma Key' myself but it never comes out as clean as I want it to, if anyone can get it perfect I'll be super grateful! Original Video (Green Screen):
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