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    Unsolved How can you add your own sco. Mod menus on the PS3?

    Hello I still play and mod around gta tbogt and tlad even if it’s very hard to come by to see any players these days. Maybe it’s the same method as for gta v. But how can I add my own sco. mod menu into my PS3 CFW Mod menu? I have a script and network.img files both are modded and work fine...
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    Solved Need help to get sco menu to work on PC

    Hi I found a working source code for GTA 4 but every time I try and load it the game crashes to desktop I'm running Windows 10 64-bit Herr Muskelprotze Base
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    Update Motions97 v2.5 Compiler

    Sup Everyone, Updatet Motions97 v2.0 Compiler. Update v2.0 Include: New Theme & Layout, Quick Button Choice Option(Tools, Folder, Websites), String Encryptor(Gamertag To Hash) + Save And Clear Option. Update v2.5 Include: Removed...
  4. Z Zolika1351's Trainer/Mod Menu (.asi)

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    [RELEASE] Blackscreen Protection Modified SCOs

    Shoutout to Courvix [email protected] Kik: Diplomat
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    Discussion Dashlaunch can load more file formats then just xex

    I did some tests cuz I was bored last night and found out that if you build a xex with a different extestion instead of the .xex format and set it as a plugin it will still load that file ex "NativeTrainer.SlipStreamLive" & it will still open the menu I tried .dll .xsc .csc .SlipStreamLive...
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