1. X

    Unsolved  Matrix Glitcher Dummy CPLD - RGH1.2 failure?

    Hi, trying RGH1.2 / 2 out my 16mb / Jasper 360 (Dash 2.0.17489.0, CB6754) and i have had couple tries by now but doesn't get into Xell boot after creating and flashing *.ecc and i think i wanted share this when i noticed today this while cleaning... i believe that top one without any markings is...
  2. UberLube

    Discussion  Is a scam?

    I bought a jtag from this dude named jason minty from for 100 usd, no hard drive, no cables, console as is. The funny part is it never came and i tried to email him back but i got no response. is it a scam? and if it is, how do i get my money back? it went through paypal buisness.
  3. Adrianne

    Discussion  Just got scammed on my first ever trade!

    I bought the Water Elemental for $16 because I wanted to start trading. After nearly waiting over a month, due to Steam Guard because I had just gotten a PC plus I had to wait a week to be able to trade, man was I excited! So I went to CSGO Lounge and posted an offer there. After about 30...
  4. Steam No Longer Restoring Items Lost to Scams

    Steam No Longer Restoring Items Lost to Scams

    In the past Valve use to restore items lost to the original owner but not take the item from the scammer itself. This changed now after Valve amended their TOS and it's "Scam FAQ". In this new FAQ update, Valve explains that if they restore items and leave another copy of the item out there...
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