1. R

    Unsolved  Cannot get outfits / cars to change with SaveWizard/Save Editor

    I've been trying to get a custom outfit and cars in both offline and online but every time I edit the modded save and import it into SaveWizard and load on to the PS4 it only changes person and no outfits etc. Is there a trick to this ?
  2. I

    Unsolved  How can I use savewizards advanced mode for unsupported games ?

    I want to mod my bo4 save but advanced mode isnt supported by savewizard.
  3. Ehrmantraut

    Gamesaves  Untouched GTAV Save File (1.32)

    ( set se7ensins theme to 7.4 Dark) Posting this because I was looking for this myself. Nice for starting fresh when modding your save using Save Editor Nothing more and nothing less than an normal untouched Gtav save for use with save wizard. This is an EU save so sorry, if you are in US Region...
  4. Ehrmantraut

    Game Mods  Modded Police Cars <SAVE>

    [/SPOILER] I have created a modded save for those who want to RP Cops in Director Mode Now first of all, if you use my save make sure that if you want backup use this settings: -Wanted Status Low/Disabled -Invincibility On -Restricted Areas Off -Choose a "Highway Patrol" with tie and without...
  5. BryceWithTheIceee

    Unsolved  I Need Help People

    The problem I'm having with save wizard is that I just got it and I trues using tutorials of how to re region ps4 saves on save wizard but they dont work if someone can teach me how to re region and how to to resign ps4 saves for gta that would be really helpful or if you could re region and...
  6. X_ilchiu_X

    Unsolved  Modded outifits savewizard

    I'm looking for someone to give me a tutorial on how to create modded outfits on savewizard for the DM shortlist list. I got the hex codes for everything. Help exchange
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