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  1. P

    Gamesaves  [Request] Banjo-Tooie (X360) modified save with all cheats and/or levels unlocked

    Having access to all the levels with all the collectibles still intact would be very helpful for things like speedrun practice, however the only way to do that in the game is by inputting the "JiggyWiggySpecial" cheat, which adds the "unlock all levels" toggle to the in-game list of cheats, but...
  2. M

    Question  Original xbox save files

    hi is there a way to put original xbox save files into jtag rgh console and if there is a way how to do it please help
  3. Anna096

    Question  Looking for a save game (Windows Ed)

    I'm looking for a save game for ffxv windows edition (Microsoft) I've been searching for one but only found some for steam (not the same type) I just want a good save for comrades to swap the savegame to my Xbox one (it supports cloud save and is at the moment in the Gamepass) my PC isn't that...
  4. D

    Question  Forza Horizon 4 Modded Saves

    Does anyone have a cool save to FH 4 for a new update?
  5. leeellis47

    Gamesaves  Borderlands 3 Saves

    A place to share your saves with fellow players. You can easily rename any downloaded save to a number that is not currently in use and simply put the save file into your save folder. Should be located here.C:\Users\"Your Profile"\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames When posting...
  6. Ehrmantraut

    Gamesaves  Untouched GTAV Save File (1.32)

    ( set se7ensins theme to 7.4 Dark) Posting this because I was looking for this myself. Nice for starting fresh when modding your save using Save Editor Nothing more and nothing less than an normal untouched Gtav save for use with save wizard. This is an EU save so sorry, if you are in US Region...
  7. A

    Cod Ghost Extinction Save PS4?

    Hello, Does anyone have an offline ps4 save for Cod ghost ps4 with max teeth?
  8. EmMe94

    Solved  All Challenges save and TVHM complete

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a save with all the challenges unlocked and the main quest complete or advanced until "The Talon of God" (as a Boosted Character but on TVHM). DLCs quests doesn't matter but area challenges does.
  9. E

    Solved  DLC Dilemma - Possible to cross save without dlc on both platforms?

    I am extremely new to the Borderland franchise so, apologies in advance. I could use some guidance navigating through the DLC content to accomplish the following. I have the Handsome Collection on PS4 and able to create Gaige, Mechromancer, but when I load a previous character, such as - Maya...
  10. Zake

    Discovery  Save the saddle bag to an outfit

    Disclaimer that I think this time around it will be impossible (at least for now) for us to save the saddle bag to an outfit, but here's hoping that someone finds a way. So at some free roam stranger missions (mail delivery for example) you get a saddle bag ("bag" as the game calls them) on...
  11. J

    Solved  Save editor - Red Dead Redemption 2

    Hi everybody! Anyone working on a usb save editor yet? Would be nice to have something like the GTA V one!
  12. Lenny Iacco

    Solved  HELP with rebuilding Xbox One save for PC, BL2.

    To make a long story short, i'm getting a laptop and want to play BL2 without internet. Issue is, I want my Xbox One save to rehash as a PC save. Obviously, I can't do that. So I need some help building a new save for the PC version of the game to as close as my Xbox save as possible. I'm sort...
  13. Kajinama

    Discussion  Army of Two - Original: Reclaiming What Was Lost

    With the shutdown of the EA servers, and the unusual reset of my save file, I have lost access to the pre-order weapons. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to edit my profile/save to unlock those weapons again. Also, any other editing of my profile/save that would help me get back the money...
  14. X

    Tools  Updated - GTAV 100% Save Injector! (Skip first mission)

    The old one stopped working ages ago thanks to dash update. Updated by Nebula & Gamer Scan of exe:
  15. Z

    Solved  Help with Godmode (SW)

    Hello I used to use save wizard to be immortal in online gta but now when I go to online boot the prologue, any solution?
  16. RaserIbanez

    Gamesaves  Borderlands 2 Xbox Story Mode save

    I am a new member so need to post 10 times before I can add links, but if you want this save let me know I can direct you to the download - it is on my GitHub page under RaserIbanez account. So I posted one similar to this recently but for The Pre Sequel, basically this is a save that gives you...
  17. F

    Solved  Help with editing PS3 save

    Hi guys, I'm looking to edit my PS3 save but all the tools, tutorials etc seem to have not been updated for years. Could someone point me to the most up to date versions of the required tools/tutorials? I used to play on PC, where editing save etc was so straight forward, but unfortunately my...
  18. N

    Solved  Save Wizard-How to mod cars?

    Hi everyone! So I bought save wizard about a week ago so I could make my own modded cars and not have to do GCTF, but all the videos I look up just show me how how to swap vehicles saved in garage, not how to mod them. I've tried asking twitter and they either say "It's not a public method", or...
  19. llcubell

    Patched  Saving the Scuba Hood (Helmet Liner)

    Okay so currently there are a few ways to get the hood to "stick", such as: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/super-easy-scuba-outfit-glitch.1696472/ Once you're to this point you can run over to a telescope or use the one at your house to move it to another outfit. Problem is, when you...
  20. SyndiShanX

    Xbox One Save Game Modding Question

    Since we can take the Hard Drive out of an Xbox, can't we mod saves? I'm assuming we don't have a save editor yet, so couldn't we just use PC saves if the game supports it?
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