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    Solved  Editing an XbOne BL2 save file?

    I have been replaying borderlands 2 on the xbox one and was wondering if there was any way to take my save from my xbox one and put it onto the xbox 360 so that i can mod it using the gibbed Save editor. I see the option to download a character from your 360 but i don't see an option to upload...
  2. A

    Tutorial  Borderlands 2 True Vault Hunter Mode Gibbed Help

    So I just finished the first playthrough completely and I activated the True Vault Haunter Mode and is there any way to unlock all waypoints and all quests using Gibbed Save Editor?
  3. Spirit Templar

    MGSV: TPP Save Editor?

    Does anyone know of a working Save Editor for Story mode in MGSV: TPP on Xbox One? I've recently bought the Xbox One edition(after owning the Xbox 360 version) Due to me moving to Xbox One a month ago. I was also wanting to know if you can convert Xbox 360 Save data to Xbox One. I have my saved...
  4. The_Midget

    Mobile  FalloutModder (Fallout Shelter Tool)

    Well since people asked, here is the modding tool that I have been working on for fallout shelter. Not Complete. But Hey, better then a stick in the eye. Thanks to Visual Studio figuring out at least the Salt and Passphrase, I was able to reverse engineer it a bit more and with few more guides...
  5. InnocentSet

    Xbox 360  [Tut] How to mod Dark Souls

    Now I know that a lot of people don't really play this game for whatever reason, but I have decided to make a tutorial on how to give yourself almost any item possible in the game. This tutorial is for the use of a USB. Transfer cable is kinda old fashion now :tongue:. Credits are at the bottom...
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