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save editor

  1. VCking

    Question  Hidden Upgrades

    Not referring to body styles, which has a great spreadsheet posted in this forum. Referring to hidden LSC modifications - is there some kind of database of hidden upgrades? I have been searching and was able to find many scattered ones, mostly posted on this site, but I am having a hard time...
  2. war_18789

    Solved  Chameleon paint jobs file save.

    Hello ? I hope everyone is well during these uncertain times. In this post I hope to find someone willing to share a specific save that allows me to transfer chameleon paint jobs from save editor into the game. I have seen many creators on Twitter putting out awesome cars with unselected...
  3. war_18789


    Hi guys I'm new here so I have to learn how this stuff works. I apologize if this is the wrong place but I'm just taking a shot in the dark. Here goes. I have been using save editor for outfits and dropping cars about 8 months now on my friends key. In 8 months I've never ran into any issues...
  4. jagsmodz

    Question  Anyone else have issues with DMO LITE failing a lot when bringing cars online?

    I am having a really tough time since the new DLC dropping cars consistently with DMO LITE. I either get my money too fast or it loads online. I rarely had this issue before the update. Anyone else having similar problems or have any suggestions? TIA
  5. R

    Question  Cannot get outfits / cars to change with SaveWizard/Save Editor

    I've been trying to get a custom outfit and cars in both offline and online but every time I edit the modded save and import it into SaveWizard and load on to the PS4 it only changes person and no outfits etc. Is there a trick to this ?
  6. ProtoBuffers

    Tutorial  Modding Region Data [XP Lobbies and Difficulty Increase]

    Welcome back it's been a while since I have posted anything new! So lets get started with the fancy stuff! So here is what you will need to get started: Borderlands 3 Save Editor by FromDarkHell ----Optional but speeds things up for faster editing---- BL3 CLI Save Editor by apocalyptech...
  7. S

    Solved  How to make an Lazer with B11 steering?

    So like most of you know, there are a few Lazers in GTA Online with the race steering of the B11 Strikeforce. Its very usefull in combat and I got hands on one of them myself, but I want to make my own one. So how do you create one? With save editor or other programms? Sorry for my bad english...
  8. Hitojin

    Question  Need Technical Expertise with modders who've delt with MS Gamepass Game Saves for current project.

    Assisting a fellow mate with a current ongoing project for newly released NoMansSky for MSgamepass. He's developed a fully functional save editor already up and running for steam/pc but we would like to integrate gamepass save now. But we need someone familiar with the decryption/decompression...
  9. 420Gta420

    Solved  Hazard save editor key logging

    Few questions, now that we know hazard has intentionally put malicious programs into their save editor, is doing uninstal enough to remove key logging capability or was that downloaded as a seperate file? Moving forward is there any way of blocking it now that we know it exists? Or just use...
  10. MrDeeBird

    Solved  GTA V Save Editor Advanced settings for vehicles

    Searching for save editor advanced settings for Secret gold interior. Please if you have any info about advanced settings for interiors; I'll make you anything you want as long as DMO is not patched. Otherwise I'll use this thread to post what Ive found and learned for our community...
  11. SMGLR

    Solved  Save Editor GTAV hidden liveries

    I found the solution to get any livery using SE. after you choose your SET1 vehicle, press advanced option and go to liveries. You going to see a small box to add number. pick any desired livery but make sure to -1. for example if you want the Dolla Dolla livery, in game it’s #41, but in...
  12. S

    Solved  RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 SAVE EDITOR ERROR: Index out of range

    RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 SAVE EDITOR ERROR: Index out of range. most be non-negative check the screen shot 1-i save manually 2- copied the save files to my usb 3- opened it with save wizard 4- went to advanced and export the save to my usb 5- and whenever i try to open it with rdr2 save editor...
  13. R

    Question  Arthur In The Epilogue Save Editor Issues

    I'm trying to play as Arthur in one of my Epilogue saves but everything seems a bit broken. He's n***d, I can't seem to change clothing (menus freeze if I try to change clothing in a store) and I can't play epilogue missions as Arthur as it reverts back to John's model. If anyone has...
  14. Cyberjynx

    Solved  Specific question about Gibbed Save Editor

    Long story short, I hate the level scaling in this game... In an ideal world, we would have the option to have level scaling from level 1. That said, the only real option I have right now is to download a save file someone has uploaded that has normal mode story completed so I can then play the...
  15. DJ FOAM

    Code  Gibbed Save Editor - Borderlands 3

    Just heard that Gibbed Save Editor may be set to release within a weeks time, he posted a tweet on his Twitter saying no promises but from the sound of it it's close to ready. Here is the source code on GitHub: https://github.com/gibbed/Gibbed.Borderlands3 Rick's Blog: http://blog.gib.me/...
  16. Lezlie Pruitt

    Question  Im Needing Help With My Save Editor For GTA V

    I am having issues with the save editor software on my HP laptop... I keep getting this same error on laptop about something causing it to stop working.. Someone help me!! I would reallllly appericate it :)
  17. skeeze415

    Tools  PS4 Red Dead Redemption 2 Save Editor by XB36HAZARD

    Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Save Editor XB36Hazard released a beta version Save Editor for RDR2. Requirements Playstation4 PC or Laptop Save Editor - Download | Virus Scan Save Wizard - used to encrypt your save in order to use the save editor. Save Wizard is currently supporting the last 7.00...
  18. Unh0lyScribe

    Question  Looking for Save Editor Programmers

    I need some help I have some information that I would like to go over with someone to find out if it's possible to do what I want to do now since the PS4 save wizard can export saves and decrypt them if it's possible to make a Borderlands 2 Save Editor for the PS4 support I asked the original...
  19. Lenny Iacco

    Solved  HELP with rebuilding Xbox One save for PC, BL2.

    To make a long story short, i'm getting a laptop and want to play BL2 without internet. Issue is, I want my Xbox One save to rehash as a PC save. Obviously, I can't do that. So I need some help building a new save for the PC version of the game to as close as my Xbox save as possible. I'm sort...
  20. G

    Xbox 360  World Rally Championship 2 Credit Editor

    Hello everyone today i have just finished making my WRC 2 Credit Editor. Download ↓ http://www.mediafire.com/file/40g4qf0f2er1uvf Virus scan ↓ https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/f39780001fb5348f97e7518784edc675e5c2029d0eb73d2af6765161b8e71c27/details Photo's of the program ↓ The credit...
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