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save data

  1. Innovative

    Gamesaves  Spore Warden Level 40 | Chaos 20 | Some Modded Items

    <|> INNOVATIVE'S <|> Modded Spore Warden Save File This set utilizes your companion to wreck everything in sight. To get the rotation down correctly, all you need to do when entering a combat area is as follows. 1. Use your 2nd Slot Weapon to proc spell weaving stacks by throwing 3/5 hydras...
  2. I

    Question  Can someone decrypt my save?

    I want to see if it would be possible to transfer my save to PC if the file was decrypted. If I can't end up getting it decrypted, I'll just wait for someone to share a New Game + save for PC.
  3. R

    Gamesaves  Generation Zero Save files, mods, support, anything.

    Hello I am wondering if anyone with some smarts can help me mod my gen zero save. i have tried doing it on my own with deca gui hex editor but cant get it to work. I can give you my save . Thank you in advance! Also if you have a modded save I can resign it to my profile.
  4. ProtoBuffers

    Gamesaves  Decrypted PS4 Saves

    All of the saves in this repository will have PS4 save data encryption removed from them. Added Eboot.bin to help find keys [Eboot is still encrypted] The thread is now locked if you want more information DM or go to the thread below...
  5. G

    Question  Bruteforce / Splinter Cell HD game save

    Hi all, After some advice on the below please: I’ve been playing Splinter Cell HD and suffered the dreaded trophy glitch with “stealth operative”.Played on 3 different consoles and after 8+ playthroughs I’ve given up on re-attempting. I then discovered Bruteforce, so thought I’d resign a save...

    Gamesaves  Forza Horizon 4 Updated Modded Save

    Firts the Steps: Credits to MSCF6 Thought id give a quick type up to help people gamesave swap their forza horizon 4 accounts with modded saves First and foremost this only works on PC but you can get it onto your xbox accounts aswell but we'll get to that later. 1. either create a new xbox...
  7. B

    Discussion  360 Save file from downloading on computer.

    So I recently purchased Need for Speed Most Wanted. I have now learned that if you have a Need for Speed Underground 2 save file on your system, you will start with 10k more cash than normal. This allows you to buy the fastest car in the game. The reason I want that is because I wanna start...
  8. Ehrmantraut

    Gamesaves  Untouched GTAV Save File (1.32)

    ( set se7ensins theme to 7.4 Dark) Posting this because I was looking for this myself. Nice for starting fresh when modding your save using Save Editor Nothing more and nothing less than an normal untouched Gtav save for use with save wizard. This is an EU save so sorry, if you are in US Region...
  9. T

    Question  Save game problem

    Hi all, I've recently run into a problem: downloaded save games for ps3 isn't working. Long story short: I never had problem copying others' save data game for ps3 (GTA V 1.0), it all loaded successfully. I wanted to have another save game, so I deleted the actual one and got one from...
  10. Jump_X

    Tutorial  (1.42) Director Mode online and money freeze with modder outfit (Infinite Money)

    Hi ! Sorry for my English Video to understand the manipulation in GTA: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TUTORIAL TEXT Step with the computer: Step 1: Download and buy a license to use save wizard...
  11. S

    Solved  GTA V downloaded save files will not load in-game

    I recently got a modded PS3 and put a few games on it (GTA V and Assassins Creed Rogue). I'm trying to load save game files that I downloaded from threads on this site and just can't seem to load them in the game. I followed the steps, I put the BLUS/BLES files on my USB and put it in my PS3...
  12. C

    Solved  Recovering a corrupted save from 2013

    Hi all, as title says, I recently got back into playing the game and I am trying to recover some of my old saves that I kept from around the start of 2013. Problem is, I have copied my two .sav files for my Zero and Gunzerker, but it's showing up as corrupted in the game. I have tried using...
  13. G

    Solved  Looking for save game Borderlands 2

    Looking for a save game for Borderlands 2 with all 80 level missions completed. Missions need to looks "LEVEL: 80 DIFFICULTY: IMPOSSIBLE" Just like here prnt.sc/gioc2o Any weapons, any character
  14. C

    Possible save editing on PS4 with the new system firmware?

    Was looking around and saw your able to move your save off any game over to a usb and download it back, I think if a Bruteforce or Bruteforce like software could be remade we can easily get back at the old days we all remember fondly on last gen. Anybody hear any news about updates coming to...
  15. J

    Gamesaves  borderlands tps

    i was curious if I had to download gibbed editor to put a save file on my 360 or is there a save file I can just download and put directly into my xbox 360. last time I did the gibbed thing I messed up the wifes computer pretty bad so I'm trying to avoid that if I can. I'm looking for a maxed...
  16. Daymos

    Solved  Working on PS4 File Sharing

    Hey all, I've tried the obvious when i first got a PS4 a few months ago and tried to copy game data (just game settings) and i copied it from profile A and pasted it into Profile B The results was that the PS4 recognizes the new data is from another profile and the content is locked to the...
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