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  1. Professional

    Question  S7 randomly unresponsive with random reboots

    Recently withing the course of a week I broke my Note 8 and Note 6 so I'm using my old rooted S7. Its okay but the phone is randomly freezing when the screen is locked then I can't unlock it or turn it off anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. Then if I'm lucky my phone wont randomly reboot shortly...
  2. M

    Question  Samsung s5 left hand side port/3.0

    So I was sorting through my old phones and noticed the s5 has a left side port my question is does the left hand side charge? I've ordered a cheap cable for now but won't get it for another few days I've read online that it's just a faster data sync unless I got that the wrong way round I've...
  3. Caii Griffin

    Discussion  Bitcoin mining apps for S7 Edge?

    Anyone think their any good? Or work even lol I know prices in Bitcoin have rocketed, so can't see a mobile device having the power or GPU to mine something like that, a friend of mine swears he has apps that mine fairly quick. Thoughts anyone?
  4. DarkAmbur

    Discussion  Free Unlock Codes for first 2 people to comment!

    This thread no longer applies as my service was removed. If I cannot sell the codes (speaking to mods currently), I'll just release my method here to get free codes.
  5. T

    Question  Galaxy Google lock - bypass?

    -- Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm extremely tired and I really could do with a helping hand. So the other day a friend had passed me a Samsung Galaxy J5 (6) running 6.0.1 (Model #: SM-J510FN), but as it was hit mother's beforehand, she had asked him to wipe the phone before use...
  6. Aqua

    Solved  Samsung Tab E T560 Running 4.4.4 Root?

    Is there a root available for the Samsung Tab E T560 on 4.4.4 kitkat? Searched google and they all seem to look shady :sneaky:. Thought I'd ask the experts on here :)
  7. Professional

    Question  Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910G will not turn on most of the time.

    Okay so basically I have a friends Galaxy Note 4 and it won't turn on most of the time, and the only times it ever turns on is when it runs flat from doing the power button trick without the battery in for like 3 minutes about 30 times in a row. Then when it does turn on it stays on the Note 4...
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