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  1. Ghost Recon Wildlands’ second season of free content begins next week

    Ghost Recon Wildlands’ second season of free content begins next week

    Ghost Recon Wildlands, which launched about 13 months ago, is getting a second season of free content, Ubisoft announced yesterday. It kicks off with an update launching Tuesday, April 10. That update, called “Special Operations 1” will deliver teammate customization, which Ubisoft called “the...
  2. J

    MWR Boosting (Team Tac, Dom, Sab, Cage)

    Call of Duty MWR boosting. Still running lobbies in 2018. Leave PSN for invite. Add Sargentsteel.
  3. Fox INU

    Team Tactical

    Quote me and leave GamerTag below please. I have two controllers.
  4. Jackets


    Message joekingxx or jacketpotatos for invite. Starting soon.
  5. WhiteMexican422

    Sabotage Boosting MWR

    MWR Sabotage Boosting on Shipment Status: CLOSED Only need one person, one controller Leave your GT below for invite
  6. J

    Sabotage headshots and plant/defuse lobbies

    - Reqiurements - 2 controllers - A brain - A mic - know how to do 100 kills, plant/defuse method. Gt: Jake OGx
  7. J

    Sabotage Headshots & plant/defuse lobbies

    - Need 1 with 1 controller and 2 w/ 2 controller. - 2 people with the 2 controllers get headshots on the other split screener and me and another person w/ 1 controller plant/headshots and defuses. - Have half a brain -A mic GT: Jake OGx
  8. K

    Domination Boots Lobby

    :eek:Domination Boots Lobby:biggrin: add: KunNzz :wink: or post below PORTUGAL :sneaky: STATUS: ONLINE RULES: Send MSG saying "7SINS" Need 2 controllers Mic Pacient, I'll call when people leave AND WANT KILL THANKS GUYS
  9. R

    Team Tac Sab

    Need 2 with 2 controllers and 1 with 1 controller message R U JESUS
  10. Vacro

    Sab Boosting MWR XB1 - Update everytime/day -

    STATUS: OFFLINE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Message me on XB1 for an invite. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ []<-- (only available when online ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You will need 2 controllers and a mic ( 2 contollers not 100% needed we don't need anymore, but we will say if you do..) (We are...
  11. MomtyDeford

    Team Tac Shipment Sab

    Need 3 people for sabotage boosting 2 people with two controllers Add MontyDeford or drop PSN below
  12. OoTaLenTzxx

    Sabotage Boosting 800k

    Xbox ONE Send a message to ExTinCT v3 for a party inv Must Have: 2 Controllers 1 Mic
  13. EsoTeRiCz56

    SAB Boosting All Day (XBOX)

    Must have 2 controllers, a mic and some common sense. MSG: Frank Jawn
  14. J


    mic one or two controllers patience leave gt below
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