1. F

    Solved  Trinity S-RGH Unable to continue in J-Runner

    Hello all, new to the scene but been a long time modder. I have my tinity board all connected up with my j-r programmer, but keep getting an error when I hit F2 or anything in J-Runner. I Have re-done the solder points over and over and it keeps throwing the same error. Any help would be...
  2. R

    Solved  Differences between varie RGHs

    What are the differences between RGHs (1, 1.2, 2, s-rgh)? Which one is best? What glitches can you perform on phats? What glitches can you perform on slims? What chips can you use on phats? What chips can you use on slims? Thanks in advance.
  3. rynax

    Solved  Trying to fix a bad flash Corona V1 with X360ACE V3 + S-RGH but debug led will not light up

    It's a Corona V1 16MB This board has been attempted to do RGH but failed and lost the original nanddump. Without chip attached, turning on will have start up beep, PSU turns green, fans running, but no dash boot. So I have tried to follow this guide...
  4. J

    Tutorial  Finding the right timing file/What do the different blinking patterns mean

    In this tutorial I am going to explain how you can fine tune an RGH install, that's using one of 15432's timing file packs. I am mostly going to focus on S-RGH V1 as those are the timing files with the most feedback. Though, the same principles explained here can be applied to any other RGH...
  5. x86

    Solved  Unable to get Xell to boot for the cpu key

    I need some guidance for this stubborn console that refuses to boot into xell. I flashed a bunch of different timing files (non-dynamic/dynamic zephyr, falcon, jasper) to the ACE v3 and it still doesn't boot to xell. I can see the green and red lights in action on the ACE but nothing. I flashed...
  6. Rpidemon

    Solved  Project Muffin CR Rev D/Matrix v3 install

    Does the crystal need to be disabled or can it be left as is and not solder to stby_clk point to use the chips clock as opposed to the consoles? Bit of contradicting info is making my head hurt :wtf:
  7. J

    Tutorial  [Trinity, Corona] S-RGH Tutorial, start to finish (Slim only) [16MB]

    Wazzap guys?! :biggrin: Back with another tutorial! This time I'm going to be showing you how to do an S-RGH install, the best RGH method that you can use on a slim. As with RGH1.2, it was developed by 15432, who I would like to say a big "thank you" to! Now, let's get this party started! P.S...
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