1. XCloakedSensesX

    Discovery  Rust Console Edition Glitches and Exploits (PS4 and Xbox One)

    This is a thread for current glitches/exploits and a hub for glitch discovery for Rust Console Edition for PS4 and Xbox One.
  2. Lucky

    USA Xbox One  [Amazon] Rust sale

    Another quick deal $10 off Rust console edition for anyone who wants...
  3. D

    PC  rainbow six/rust aimbot/esp why only intel

    ive been looking for an aim bot/esp for both of these games but every website i stumble across all say that they dont support AMD cpus why is this and is there a trusted website who do sell AMD supported cheats
  4. Nicholas8657


    Liddy's Rust Server Status: Alive Search Liddy's Rust Server on rust to find us! Over 35 plugins with op kits Server is new
  5. Adelborg

    PC  Looking for hacks/glitches in RUST

    Hi sinners Anyone got hacks/glitches for rust ? Has to work on Mac OS Mr. Vercetti
  6. Adelborg


    Hi sinners I'm looking for a dll hack for rust, of course undetectable. Has to work on Mac OS Other hacks or cheats are welcome as well. You can comment below or send me a pm please. D.
  7. Messiah Mods

    PC  Steam Game Modding Question

    Alright. I apologize if this has been answered before. I used the search button but couldn't find the right answer I was looking for just different answers but not direct. So, basically was wondering how to get around being banned on steam. I recently started playing rust and mainly just want to...
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