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  1. f11

    Tools  RE4 RGH Modding Tool

    Just curious to see how many people would like to see a very detailed RTE tool for RE4 with a lot of mods to mess with and stuff to tweak.
  2. Professional

    Tools  Armory RTE tool

    Here's a project I've been working on since 2016. It used to be paid but because of recent drama I made it free. Download - Scan
  3. Professional

    Discussion  Alternative way to check TitleIDs on RGH

    So I've noticed some debug/developer builds of games don't show the title ID when checking with XamGetCurrentTitleID so I found an offset that you can peek using programs like Peek Poker to see Title IDs that may otherwise have no easy way of being found. Here's the address and I found it on...
  4. ModsXD

    Solved  Xbox 360 RGH RTE Tools Please Help!

    Hello Im having trouble using RTE TOOLS! I currently have xbdm, JRPC, AND JRPC2 installed as my plugins on dashlaunch. My RTE Tools, connect to my RGH, but whenever i try to use MODS etc my console freezes??? Any suggestions? I've tried several RTE Tools such as Yoda, and ApparitionNET and my...
  5. Professional

    Tools  Professional's multi arcade game RTE tool.

    Download - Scan RPC Type: XRPC Premium version
  6. M

    Question  RPC tools not working, help appreciated

    So, I've had my RGH for about a month now and I've been modding BO2 using mod menus successfully. However I can't seem to get any real time editing tools to connect to my RGH. I've tried recovery tools, multi-game tools, not even GSC studio works. I have Neighborhood and my console is the...
  7. Professional

    Code  Armor effect looper c#

    This is code to cycle through armor effects, you need an rgh for this to work and you'll need some knowledge in copy and pasting my work into visual studios lmao
  8. Professional

    Tools  17526 Gamertag spoofer for Halo Reach

    Download - Scan SRC Download - SRC Scan Development watched me do this in like 5 minutes or less. SlayingSR There you go.
  9. Professional

    Tools  [Preview] XB360 Terminal

    Working on an AIO project at the moment, it has a fair way to go before it is near completion but anyway here's some screenshots. Feedback would be appreciated
  10. Professional

    Tutorial  How to RTE on Halo Reach.

    This thread is pretty much a thread that is reviving an old tutorial made by XoX First of all, the things you are going to need when you RTE this game are: A modified 360 console or devkit (RGH/JTAG/R-JTAG/XDK) XBDM.xex (download, this contains multiple useful extra plugins. scan) Neighborhood...
  11. xBubbleZ

    Question  Bo1 rte tool help

    How do i get my stats i send over in a rte tool to stick without having the program still running and it saying the data is corrupted on bo1 and what is the method to make it stick
  12. O

    Question  Do I Need RTE Tools To Mod With A Mod Menu Online?

    Do I Need RTE Tools To Mod With A Mod Menu Online? or is this only if I want to mod from my PC to my console? (Xbox 360) I'm confused how RTE tools work.. Thanks!
  13. elijahjove

    Discussion  Tool jtag instant campaign legendary: Halo3, halo3:OSDT, Halo Reach

    hi everyone, today I give you a tool for the legendary logo with one click in : halo 3, halo3: ODST, halo reach. You unlock the campaign solo and coop Legandary. My tool also gives you the ultra-white armor in those three games. tutorial : 1: run the halo you want mod 2: go to Home Campaign...
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