1. L

    Tutorial  10 Xbox 360 Reliability Upgrades/ Best way to prevent Red Ring/ Cool down Xbox 360/ Best fan mod.

    So we all know how unreliable Xenon and Zephyr 360s are, but what are the best ways to keep an Xbox 360 from breaking/ RROD? I thought of 10 essential and not so essential upgrades you can make to your Xbox 360. Xbox 360 Reliability upgrades Essential: 1. Upgrade thermal compound - arctic...
  2. I

    Solved  Jasper RROD 0022 after broken PLL

    So after a couple of times re/desoldering the wires because of unsuccessful ace360 rgh attempts the PLL pad ripped off. I flashed it back to stock and it worked fine. Then I've heard that I could have a chance by soldering the resistor next to PLL to the PLL_bypass next to the CPU. I did that...
  3. S

    Tutorial  How to Fake a RROD (ANY CONSOLE SLIMS,PHATS,E)

    Mods, please move this if this is in the wrong section. This is really old but I thought i'll share it with anybody who doesn't know. :wink: What you need: VT SCAN: https://virustotal.com/en/file/d961740bf60320734aab98f9eae8f70e91bd95d0e30865ea685c3ecd8cad34e4/analysis/ Download...
  4. J

    Solved  Xbox 360 Previously had RROD Error 0022. Seems to Be fine, But Unable to Install games.

    So my room-mate gave me a 360 that was rrod. (After quite a bit of tinkering and cleaning I got in moderately good working order, compare to what it was). All the errors its given are near the bottom of the post, along with what I attempted to do to get rid of them. I am unable to install Any...
  5. Yes Im Too Sick

    Solved  Rgh Christmas lights issue HELP!

    Hi, I am new to the rgh scene and I recently bought an rgh, this came from console-hackers and after about a week I got e74 error, he stated software problem so he told me reflash the nand that was on the cd, this was named the current dashboard which is the latest 17511, I did this and it...
  6. Mario1

    Solved  E73(1021) worth actually going for a SB reflow?

    I recently acquired this old Xenon board that had a RRoD, it was the classic one -- 3 rings, secondary code indicated a cold solder joint on the GPU. I'm in serious lack of heating tools, so I decided to heat the [email protected]$t out of the CPU, GPU and SB with this portable room heater.. It did the trick...
  7. CheapGSean

    Discussion  Look ma, no Metro Dash! (Finding pre-Metro Xbox 360's on eBay, and fixing RROD)

    This is my first post on Se7ensins, so if I am doing something that may alter space and time, please cut me some slack. After sitting back and spectating on the Xbox 360 modding scene, I wanted to jump in and get a taste of what it is like (Even though I am fairly late). During the summer my...
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