1. S

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 XDK error 0x00000004 when recovering

    I bought a Jasper X360 Dev Kit on eBay for $250 but when it arrived it gave me 1 RROD with code 1033. I later contacted the seller who told me they tried to downgrade the dashboard to a really early version which gave them the RROD. I then tried to restore the console to a later dashboard, it...
  2. B

    Unsolved  I want your opinion about Xbox 360 RROD after RGH 3.0

    I bought Falcon console. It was working, not modified and never opened. Console was full of games, so it was played, but it was hard to tell how much. Inside was mostly clear of dust. I didn't play on this console and I proceed with RGH 3.0 immediately. It was my first time. With few hits and...
  3. X

    Discussion  GPU and CPU revision info colation

    Greetings, my first post here so sorry if this is the wrong section. I am getting interested in 360 mods and repair by swapping the BGA GPU and CPU chips. I’m experienced in other console mods and have some BGA rework equipment on the way so I’ve been reading around a lot at what’s possible...
  4. B

    Unsolved  JTAG Falcon Help Needed

    First off, I know I'm around 12 years late to the game but oh well... Managed to get a never plugged into the internet Falcon a little while back (5 years ago), me and a buddy decided to try and JTAG it for the lols (only took us 5 years to attempt it). Using a MTX Spi Flasher Managed to pull...
  5. C

    Unsolved  Jasper 0110 after rgh3

    Hello so I recently modded a Jasper Xbox 360 it’s a V1 so not the kornos. I modded it doing rgh3 and it was working fine until one day I went to turn it on and there was no boot to xell or freeboot. I went ahead and flashed the original nand (as it being a BB Jasper it took forever) and then got...
  6. C

    Unsolved  Jasper 0002 RROD after rgh 1.2 attempt

    Hello so I tried to rgh a jasper a few months ago but during it it got the 0002 error code it booted once but then it got 0002. I’m not sure what else to do I don’t know where/if there are fuses to check under the CPU. If anyone knows what could commonly die let me know. (Also I’ve flashed...
  7. C

    Unsolved  Jtagable Xephyr rrod help

    Hello I have a jtagable zephyr but everytime I try and turn it on it’s always 0001 error. testing with a multimeter showed that the power plug is shorting to ground. I left the console on for a couple hours and then the power brick turned red I opened it up and there were 2 burned smd capacitors...
  8. C

    Unsolved  Jtag XENON E79 error

    Hello I have a jtag xenon that is getting the e79 error when trying to boot it does this even booting to xell I was copying games to the hard drive and it wasn’t reading the games right so I try to reboot and now I’m getting e79
  9. Lucky

    Solved  Faulty coolrunner chip - Falcon rgh1.2

    I have been battling a Falcon mobo for the past two days now to no prevail doing a RGH1.2 using JRP & Coolrunner Revc. Some prerequisite knowledge: Obviously, coolrunner is a clone chip. I semi know how to solder, I used to build small board for my work. Here's my story of events- In...
  10. Jbbrack03

    Unsolved  RROD 0012 After wiring Corona V4 for RGH

    Hi all, this is my first attempt at modding a Xbox 360. I have a Corona V4 console that does require a postfix adapter. I'm using an SD Card Tool and an Ace V3 to do the reading/glitching. I started by connecting the SD Tool and reading the NAND. I got a matching NAND and was able to create my...
  11. Joe_Goes

    Discussion  XBOX 360 2 and 3 flashing red lights

    Hi Guys and Gals, Been looking into the brief fault I had this morning when I pressed the xbox button on the wired controller and was greeted with upper right and lower left flashing red light. Turned it off by holding the ON/OFF button on the console, waited a minute and turned ON again and...
  12. FakeSypha

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 Jasper RROD (error code 0001)

    Hi everyone. It's me again. This time around, my Xbox 360 fat (Jasper/Kronos) just got RROD when I was transfering files over FTP. The hidden error code it shows is 0001, which is related to power supply problems, either from the PSU or the motherboard itself. From what I read is probably...
  13. P

    Solved  [Help] How to replace a soldering metal plate on motherboard?

    I'm trying to do a RGH 1.2 install using a Coolrunner Rev C and the spot where you would solder on the PLL wire, has no metal plate. The plate was there but came off with the wire when I was checking to make sure I had soldered on the PLL wire good and I pulled it off by accident. Now my Xbox...
  14. H

    Unsolved  RROD after Ace V3

    I have an XBOX 360e RHG, which stopped booting up a couple of weeks ago. Doing plenty of research I found a couple of reasons. Apparently my CR Rev-D gave out. So I decided to replace it with an Ace V3. I soldered everything the same way, but upon trying to boot up, it leads to a red light in...
  15. TimelessNL

    Solved  [SOLVED] RGH1.2 - Falcon does boot Xell but not to Dash(e79) (did once though)

    Hi People, Question: Could it be that a corrupt NAND causes e79? but still boots Xell just fine? Answer: Yes, after flashing a donor NAND image and unplugging it for 20sec to reset the SMC ram. This Xbox360 came back to life :smile:. (See post #8 for detailed information) Full story: I...
  16. M

    Unsolved  RGH attempts glitch then RROD... possible borked Ace chip?

    Console is a Corona V2 w/ a 16mb NAND So I installed my Ace v4.1 chip, and my console powers on, and the green light on the Ace chip flashes as if it is attempting the glitch. Then the console RROD. Sometimes, if I unplug power and back in, the red light stays on. But if I leave it unplugged...
  17. E

    Unsolved  Jasper Cpu input protection diode

    I have a jasper that I fried by enabling the cap on a coolrunner rev c. When I turn it on, it runs for a few seconds and then gets 3 red ring with a secondary code 0022. Most people say the only fix is swapping a different cpu onto the board. I have heard people in another thread (Pulled...
  18. M

    Solved  RGH crashing, freezing, not glitching.

    Hello all! I RGHd my xbox 360 slim (Corona 4GB) using and Ace v3 w/ postfix adapterand everything went smoothly. Did it all through J-Runner on the current dash 17526 and it went perfectly...ish. Firstly, I'd like to start out by saying when booting into Xell, it works perfectly. I have the...
  19. rynax

    Solved  Help with RROD 0001, is it PSU, MOSFET or Other parts problem?

    Hi, I've a Jasper console, it has RROD, code is 0001. It shows RROD immediately when switch button pressed, fan is not spinning. The PSU has Orange indicate, whether the console is turned on or not. So I've taken it apart and tested the power source spots: Standby 5V present. When...
  20. D

    Solved  Xbox Trinity rrod after booting xell and won't boot to dash

    My Trinity was rghed with Ace v3. It boots xell fine then after 20 seconds it red rings. The console will not boot to dashboard but red rings while trying to glitch.
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