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rp glitch

  1. Nikozten

    Solved  İs There Any Working RP Glitch

    Hello Sorry For my English im writing from Turkey, İ tried SP To MP card glitch im lose the cops but When I’m close the application and come back to online i can’t see the level what i do (150lvl) can anybody help me with this Glitch Or tell me something else Thanks. Console PS4
  2. rodd1981

    Working  Solo Infinite RP AFK Exploit (300/RP every 75 secs - only for low-ranks)

    Solo Infinite RP AFK glitch (300/RP every 75 secs - Low-ranks only): ========================================================= Requirements: ============ 1) Big vehicle (eg: RCV, Chernobog, Khanjali tank) - These vehicles will be used to block the cops from seeing you inside the garage (so you...

    Solved  Fast RP?

    So I'm looking to go to Level 100 as quick as possible...ATM I'm 85. Checked out there's a RP glitch with the MOC at the Fort Zancudo. I used it two days but it seems not to work anymore (confirms?) So now I'd like to get some tips to level up as fast as possible. Best would be glitches I...
  4. NoP4inNoG4in

    Solved  RP and money jobs patched?

    So to night i tried to do a RP job, been a while since last time. Anyway, i started one of those were you walk in circles, this was a 24 hour job. I just woke up to the alert "You have been kicked for being too idle." On both of my PS4s, is there a way to fix this or do i just need a new job?
  5. Voyage Despair

    Patched  SP To MP (Xbox One Method)

    *Patched* SP To MP Glitch Steps 1. Load in story mode with any single player character 2. Go to Peyote plant and get a wanted level. Xbox one cheat (RB, RB, B, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right 3. Eat Peyote plant, when an animal just join someone in a different targeting mode...
  6. R

    Solved  Is there any RP glitches to grind

    Looking for an Rp glitch that will help me level up fast,bored as money glitch just got patched and looking for something to do.Please take into consideration I'm level 172 so nothing minor like Military base like I'm doing now please anyone?
  7. ItsZeepo

    Video  10K RP in 6 Minutes Method

    Hey guys I recently found this unlimited RP method in GTA:O. Watch the video to find out how! Video:
  8. EyeDuDab

    Working  (All Consoles) Solo 400rp every 1.25/min '4star wanted lvl glitch' (still working)

    XB360, XB1, PS3, PS4, PC i was browsing rp glitches and found an old video posted on 12/28/14 and updated in 2015 of a very simple 'solo 400rp wanted star glitch' in freemode that STILL WORKS. i didnt have much luck with the spot on the original video. i had better results in the elbow as seen...
  9. jw460

    Patched  Simple Rp leveling race

    !!!Not patched In any way!!! jw460 air race I'd like to share a rp exploit I made using the same principles as the afterburner rp drop set to one lap drive around till the stop sign drive off the side spinning the whole way collect 200rp and respawn on the track repeat till no more rp...
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