rp exploit

  1. G

    Working  Unlimited XP/RP Glitch Easy! Solo & AFK Method

    Requirements : -Agency -PayPhone Missions ( PopStar ) -MOC Steps : -Call Franklin & Request Payphone Hit , Must Be A Mission called Popstar Hit and Go to the phone to answer it -Request Your MOC & Go to the target then block off the Target , You need to block his car from the front...
  2. D

    Patched  AFK farm peyote RP using Titan or Cronus

    If there's anyone out there interested in quick rank up while we have peyote, I've spent the majority of the last 24 hours trying to perfect a method to farm RP using peyote and my Titan 2. I think after about 60 levels and almost 2 million RP in a day, I've figured it out. Requirements: - use...
  3. Native Pride 1988

    Patched  New!!!(AFK Exploit) REP at the Car Meet!!!

    1. Go to LS Car Meet 2. Hop in car and press right dpad into underground 3. Open Interaction menu - ls car meet - start time trail 4. Drive on all yellow destination until stop at last yellow destination 5. Doing AFK and you will notices RP will start increase {POTENTIALLY PATCHED! BE...
  4. Chris2405

    Working  Rc RP Glitch

    Instructions: 1. Open start menu and go to "online" , "jobs", "play job", "Rockstar created" , "stunt races" , and select rc paleto bay 2. Hit the first waypoint then navigate to your left until your off the track 3. Now hit L3 to jump and do a back flip in mid air 4. each flip will get...
  5. DrLightMare

    Patched  (NO JOBS OR PLAYLISTS) GTA Online Decent and easy RP AFK method

    Hello, this is my first ever post here so please forgive me if i make any mistakes. This is a simple and easy RP AFK method i discovered few days ago. All you need is the Up-N-Atomizer, a vehicle to get on a rooftop and block a ladder with and a macro to fire the Atomizer every 90 seconds or...
  6. CBD420

    Patched  SOLO FREEMODE SEMI AFK RP 16-24000RP/10mins x1.5/w friend

    If you want to find someone to do this with you DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD asking or sharing your GT to ask go to matchmaking, sorry but it's a site rule https://www.se7ensins.com/matchmaking/ Credit goes to me CBD420 as well as Native Pride 1988 for his finding of being able to use the...
  7. Navy Davey

    Working  ☠️☠️☠️ Level up Fast! Ten times a day! AFK RP Capture Tutorial☠️☠️☠️

    I can't help it I am obsessed with milking as much money and RP as I can from GTA V. I am continually searching for the most efficient methods of leveling up while gaining financially simultaneously. Playing the game the way it's designed oftentimes results in zero money or RP for your time in...
  8. bernibus

    Patched  Earn 9480XP in 6 minutes on Stunt Race solo. (1500RP+ per minute)

    Hi all. Been playing The Rocket Voltic Stunt Race called "Rocket Voltic - Atmosphere". I noticed that you can go into a massive barrel roll (hold left on the analog stick) after hitting the huge jump at the second to last checkpoint. You get 50RP for each complete roll. When I landed I got...
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