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rp boost

  1. jw460


    ?XBOX1 AFK LINKS? Since this isn’t technically a “glitch” and it’s been made with the tools Rockstar has Provided us, I have decided to post my AFK links Publicly for the better of the Xbox1 GTA Community!!! So here we go!!! ‼️ENJOY‼️ In my favorite order...... #1 jw460 15/7 AFK This was my...
  2. EyeDuDab

    Working  Casino: Bad Beat - Unlimited NPC Exploit (RP & Petty Cash)

    It's not the Fastest way known to exploit NPC's, but here is a new method while youre grinding out the new casino job, Bad Beat. I did the mission 100% solo with both consoles, but a friend would definitely make it a bit easier. More Rp for me lol. But that only affects the cap of max earned rp...
  3. EyeDuDab

    Working  earn race stunt rp without stunting: "rooftop bobble"

    SOLO! NOT AFK!!!! Xb1 & Ps4 job links :wink: Pc users (Anyone) can create this, i dont have pc version, but ill instruct anyone who wants to make it. super ez..... FOUNDER: unknown - possibly me..... MORE rp tricks.... slowish, NOT THE FASTEST. just another way to earn bonus stunt rp within...
  4. JerothG

    Patched  AFK RP Boost using x-mouse

    I'm not the founder of the RP boost, I've seen several threads on using either Fort Zancudo or the Prison to do it... However, I decided to play with x-mouse and make an AFK glitch/exploit for us PC users... the setup below will have you enter the Avengers hold, and back into the cockpit every...
  5. R

    Solved  Is there any RP glitches to grind

    Looking for an Rp glitch that will help me level up fast,bored as money glitch just got patched and looking for something to do.Please take into consideration I'm level 172 so nothing minor like Military base like I'm doing now please anyone?
  6. EyeDuDab

    Working  (All Consoles) Solo 400rp every 1.25/min '4star wanted lvl glitch' (still working)

    XB360, XB1, PS3, PS4, PC i was browsing rp glitches and found an old video posted on 12/28/14 and updated in 2015 of a very simple 'solo 400rp wanted star glitch' in freemode that STILL WORKS. i didnt have much luck with the spot on the original video. i had better results in the elbow as seen...
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