1. Best Amazon Prime Day Gaming Deals

    Best Amazon Prime Day Gaming Deals

    Amazon Prime Day has arrived for 2018, and that means numerous deals for you to peruse. In the US, the sale started out by taking down Amazon's website for many users, though even with those issues persisting for some, you can still successfully head directly to a product page to make a...
  2. B

    Port Forwarding Multiple routers

    i forwarded my 2nd router (asus) in my isps router/modem combi see number 1 on my 2nd router i forwarded my lan ip adress of my pc (number 2) its port 25565 for a minecraft server and it still doesnt detect it ? can someone plzz help ? ==---Extra Information---== ip of 2nd router in isps one...
  3. PoWiFi - Transmit Power Over WiFi

    PoWiFi - Transmit Power Over WiFi

    Most of us will probably remember the times where you had to actually sit down with a computer that was plugged into a modem via Ethernet to access the internet. Then along came WiFi, the magical specimen that revolutionized the way we browse the internet, where we browse the internet and what...
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