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  1. Navy Davey

    Solved  Switch Roms Backup for Steam Deck? (Xci’s)

    I got my hands on a Steam Deck!! It’s everything I expected and more!! Not only will it play AAA titles but it it the ultimate emulator. All of that said I was hoping that someone could point me towards a legitimate website/torrent server that I might download “backup” Switch Roms that are...
  2. JoKoKilla

    Unsolved  Atari2600 on Wii / Wii2600 Help

    I've recently setup Wii2600 on my Homebrewed Wii. I'm looking for help in having the snapshots/cover art display properly on the rom selection screen. The channel forwarder, emulator, and roms load flawlessly, as far as I can tell. Getting the cover art to display in the rom selection screen...
  3. AzzidReign

    Tutorial  GoldenEye 007 - Remapping controls to work like current FPS with Xbox One/Playstation Controller

    How to Remap N64 Controls for GoldenEye 007 using a Current Gen Controller Intro: I looked up guides on how to do this and didn't find any that came up with my solution and I think mine is the easiest. The only solution I had found was about using a 2 controller set up through the emulator and...

    Unsolved  Put NES ROMs on jailbroke PS3 via USB

    I need to know the process of transferring NES roms from an external hdd to my ps3. I just had my ps3 Jailbroke a few days ago so I still have some learning to do with it. I have looked at a few videos on how to do so but they are using much faster computers with filezilla in which I do not...
  5. Mr Dubai

    The N64 fans (You Are Gonna Love This)

    Hey today i am give u guy a Emulator that works awesomely for N64 plus i am gonna give you guys the web-link on where to get the games from link below.. this is where you are getting the games from if you want the emulator get this one (Project64 1.6) Also Virustotal scanned...
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