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    PC [PC] MONARCH Defense AG | Now Recruiting and Looking for New Members | Leadership and Moderation roles available for Discord

    Hello guys, Monarch Defense Alliance Group are looking to recruit members. We have a very different, and advanced structure, which you can see from the image at the bottom of this post. What we specialise in We specialise in everything from air, ground, and sea combat to helping you secure...
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    Looking for mature adult rp community for Xbox one

    Hi, I've been looking for a serious and mature(adult) role playing group for Xbox one for awhile now without any success. I you know or run a rp group with working cad to please send me a message. I'll be more than happy to join . Thanks Martin
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    GTA 5 Role play community looking for new members (Xbox One)

    SJRPC (XBOX ONE) Hi, I'm a admin in BCSO role play community and I'm currently looking to add new members to our RP community Here are the job duties and what will be open for a person if you decide to join. ◦ Civilian ◦ Deputy (Sheriff, State, or Highway as well as sub divisions) ◦...
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    Real Life Role Play?

    Is there any real life role play servers on gta online xbox one?
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    PC LLEC: GTA V Police RP (PD,SO,CIV)

    Looking to be a civ, police officer, sheriff's deputy or much more? Come check out and apply to be a part of one of the best communities on PC. Liberty Law Enforcement Community! Check out our promotional video: Come and apply!
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    Xbox One 30th Army Division

    30th Army Division "The 30th Army Division is recruiting members, Join today and make Uncle Sam Proud!" The 30th Army Division is a Military Simulation (Mil Sim) Crew based out of GTA 5 Xbox one and is currently recruiting members. They are a highly trained and well knit Team. If you are...
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    We are currently looking for people to be a civilian or police officer (Illinois Laws) for our Roleplaying custom gamemode we have made based off of the Mission Row, Sandy Shores, County Police Departments. We take this seriously and are looking for serious people to roleplay with. Message me on...
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    Xbox One MORTAL KOMBAT krew roleplay, pub stomp + more

    MORTAL KOMBAT krew starting ((need co-founders)) Fun roleplay situations (campaign?) + OTR-gang-jumping randoms as MK karacters! Select your fighter! -Rock the krew MK dragon emblem. -Fun, friendly founder who enjoys making various cool custom maps. -Fresh krew so join now to rank up! -We can...
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    Discussion GTA IV: LLEC - Police Roleplay Community

    Interested in joining & helping protect the citizens of Liberty City? Then head up to the top of our website and under the recruitment tab there will be a GTA IV application. Make sure you fall under all of the requirements to join the community, and then fill out your application and submit it...
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    Patched Remove any gear ( All Consoles? )

    This is a Visual-Only Glitch! Step 1: Buy a junk item that goes in the equipment slot you wish to blank out. Then buy another junk item to dismantle ( any ) Step 2: Mark the item as junk ( Left trigger ) right before equipping it ( A button ), this should now show you equipping the junk...
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