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rockstar editor

  1. G

    Discovery  Possible gta5 car to car merge?this can lead to something.

    So I was on yt and came across this vid in my recommendations and basically it is a working car dupe btw,but it lets you drive around in your arena so this could lead to a new merge. https: I am currently about to try to find something out of this but there is one issue about this,getting a...
  2. NpK Studios

    Video  The End - GTA Machinima (MUST WATCH)

    As the end of the Shablomi Studios saga arrises someone must take their place. A two part series has kicked off on NpK Studios killing off all but one for a good reason but one not to be discussed until further notice! Any and all ratings or feedback is appreciated either on the video or...
  3. SocialTourist

    Solved  GTA V Crew Emblem Info?

    Hello, So while trying to upload a custom 512 X 512 SVG image using the old copy paste in the htlm between this line:< /rect> </svg> I hit a problem. I can get the image to show up in and format without an issue but saving is another matter. I have tried everything I can think of but I just get...
  4. Sergeant_Solise

    Solved  Rockstar Editor Vehicle Models in Clips Glitched

    Hi everyone, When editing clips in the Rockstar Editor, vehicle models jitter and distort, for example when putting the roof down on a Carbonizzare the panel that conceals the roof distorts, jitters and does not move smoothly, also on every convertible the windows shoot up before disappearing...
  5. Thephoenix9811

    Solved  Rockstar Editor Crashing

    So I've been working on a montage for a few weeks, and I went to export it today and it kept crashing the game completely. Tried multiple times with different export settings (eg. turning off the option to improve settings on export, tried different bitrates and both 30fps and 60fps) but no...
  6. JONNY0

    Patched  [XB1 & PS4 Confirmed] Float On Water In Director Mode

    This glitch will let you float on water in your car The Glitch Make sure you have a flying vehicle and a car Go into Director Mode Get the flying vehicle of choice Fly all the way out in the ocean till your plane / heli cuts off Stay in the water with the plane / heli for about 10 seconds...
  7. JONNY0

    Patched  [XB1, PS4 & PC] How To Get In The Strip Club Using Director Mode

    This glitch you will be able to get into the strip club using Director Mode, when you are inside the game mode it doesn't allow you to go into the strip club. The Glitch Go to the Strip Club Get a car Face the Entrance Go 3 pillars left you will see that there is a corner Drive your car to...
  8. JONNY0

    Patched  [XB1 Confirmed] Director Mode Super Speed

    I have come across this which makes you be able to go super fast on the water with a boat This only works on current gen consoles since last gen does not have Director Mode Go to Rockstar Editor Director Mode Buy the toro (You can make a save before you buy the boat so you don't waste money...
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