1. SuperSwordGaming

    Solved  Trouble Extracting game ISOs

    So I've not extracted games in a while, but I'm 99% sure I used wx360 to do so as I have it on my computer, but when I got new games to add to my RGH, the games won't extract. I tried other methods including the Xbox Backup Creator and Exiso GUI and they all fail to recognize the ISOs (or...
  2. S

    Boosting in Bo3

    NEED 2 CONTROLLER MIC (is optional just know what your doing) ON XBOX ONE GT: SpaceDounuts
  3. Professional

    Solved  Xbox Network Issues RGH

    Okay so first off I will explain the issue. Basically I can connect to xbox, however no content on dashboard loads, I get very limited functionality and use from my RGH. I get the error code:80072af9 What I have attempted to do to fix the issue Reflash my nand Re-download NiNJA.xex (Because...
  4. Bloodygamers1

    Solved  I have tu00000008_00000000 For the title update. I need to be on 9.

    So i downloaded gta 5 offline the store because multiple iso's didn't work so i just downloaded it. Anyway so I looking into getting some mod loader and I go to replace it. And my title update is tu00000008_00000000. I need title update tu00000009_00000000. I've looked around and I've found...
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