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ring of death

  1. jimmyperkins91

    Solved  e73 help

    OK so I have a 360 (fat xbox) that has the red ring of death showing 3 red lights,so I opened it up,removed the old paste and applied new one reflow it and let it cool down,then I turned it on and it showed the e73 error at the same time my fans start spinning fast and loud for a few seconds...
  2. Peter Dudziak

    Solved  RGH GETTING E71 Error IN GAME? red ring during game! Help A Guy Out please**

    I've done my research on this error but I can't find any fix for what's happening to me. my RGH console boots up great but gets a E71 error when I play games. This mostly happens to me on bo2, ill be playing a couple of games online with a mod menu but after sometime my rgh gets a fatal crash...
  3. A

    Solved  Ring of death..

    So, unfortunately I'm one of those people who have always had my Xbox up vertically, it was no problem for 4 years up until yesterday! My friend knocked over my Xbox while playing GTA 5 and now it has a huge ring around the disk. My question is, could I go to redbox and get a GTA rental disk...
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