1. CeratedSuperior

    Tools  [Release] Xbox Live Arcade Multi Tool [RGH/JTAG]

    This is a little project I started the other day. Right now it only supports a few games but I'll continue to add to it. My initial focus has been just overall functionality of the tool itself. It includes some extra tools as well. *Credit to dudeitsbrian for the XMessageBox class *Credit to...
  2. A

    Game Mods  Appendum All Off-Host****Xbox 360 Rgh/Jtag Only****

    Hello, Watch the video to see what menu is about. Works on most CODS. Havent tested them all out yet. Appendum XEX Source files Virus Total thanks, arms04
  3. V

    Solved  Problem with DLC on Asura's Wrath (RGH/Jtag)

    Hey guys, I installed the DLC through Horizon, injected the files on my USB, plugged it on my xbox and the DLC played fine. However, once I turned off the console and tried to play it the next day, it didn't load the DLC. The xbox still recognizes my usb and I checked on horizon and the files...
  4. DeliriousGhost

    Solved  Fallout New Vegas DLC Xbox 360 Jtag/RGH

    Hello there. Ive been looking for dlcs for Fallout New Vegas especially the Courier's Stash or the Dlcs inside Courier's Stash (couriers dlc is a dlc where it comebines 3 pre order content thingy, but they can be downloaded seperately) and I was wondering if anyone of of you guys know some...
  5. Modz are key

    free Mw2 Co-Host Im Back

    Hello Its me im back with free co-host Now i got Blue sky v3.1 free friends List :3 Proof GT Modz are key v4
  6. Twain

    Solved  How to create a plugin?

    Hello, i want to create a plugin from scratch, so i started a new VS2010 Project and selected Xbox 360 Project. Then i created the Project like this: After that i removed all the code generated in the main .cpp file (also the main()-Entry). Now i placed this: BOOL APIENTRY DllMain(HANDLE...
  7. V

    Unsolved  The Witcher 2 installation problem

    Hi guys So I don't usually have problems on installing games on my jtag/rgh but this one is bugging me. Here's what's up: The game has 2 discs (2 iso files) and, as I usually do, I extract them both, merge them into one folder, copy it to a flashdrive, plug it on xbox and load default.xex from...
  8. Antrax

    Solved  Neighborhood cant find RGH

    So I just ran into this problem, I updated my xbox about a week ago and ever since neighborhood can't find my rgh with "Jtag". The only way it connects is if I type the IP, never had this problem until i updated. I re flashed my nand twice, reinstalled all my plugins (XBDM, JRPC2,XRPC, RPC) I...
  9. Hybrid_Mods

    Solved  Need JTAG help!

    So im looking for offline files to use and i want some that have xosc and gold spoofing so i can get online. I need them to be free also. I looked at Liberation v15 but i havent seen any "reviews" or factual information on how long kvs last on Liberation v15. Also if anyone could also let me...
  10. D

    Solved  Need help connecting rgh to network and LiNK

    Hello, I am very new to the modding scene for consoles and made sure i did some research before buying myself a rgh console. One problem I am having so far is trying to connect to my network/LiNK. Every time I attempt to test LiNK through the F3Plugin it shows me fails for the "Data Port...
  11. F

    Solved  Falcon RGH 360 Help an Tips

    I just picked up a falcon rgh 360 off of ebay, and was wondering what would be the first couple things you guys would do buying a used rgh like this. I also have no clue how to get this thing online so all help is greatfull. I plan on having alot of fun with this thing hopefully all turns out good!
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