1. conmccool2016

    Solved  RGH2 Not using new kv.bin after doing steps in "Please read this before asking for support help"

    Hi, I've put my kv.bin and cpukey.bin on my hdd but the xbox is still saying that it is banned. I have done all of these steps: Check to make sure the KV is actually not banned, by downloading the Validator tool. Download | Virus Scan after it's downloaded, place your KV in the KVs folder, run...
  2. Yes Im Too Sick

    Solved  Rgh Christmas lights issue HELP!

    Hi, I am new to the rgh scene and I recently bought an rgh, this came from console-hackers and after about a week I got e74 error, he stated software problem so he told me reflash the nand that was on the cd, this was named the current dashboard which is the latest 17511, I did this and it...
  3. ToXxiCxMoDz

    Solved  Xbox 360 Neighborhood will not connect

    Hi. Whenever I try to connect Xbox 360 Neighborhood to my RGH2, it says it could not find the console. The computer and Xbox are both wired into the same network. I am on the latest dash. I can FTP into the console through FSD. Other network plugins such as JRPC will not work either. Currently I...
  4. five_0_games

    Solved  best place to get cr4 and jrpv2

    what is the best website to buy a cr4 and a jrpv2 in Canada i seen alot of sites like the weekend modder but he dont sell chips internationally i was looking for a good and reliable website
  5. XeXTagger

    Solved  [RGH2] HELP | TRINITY RGH

    Hi there, I need some help I have an xbox 360 Slim (TRINITY) I bought a X360 Super nand flasher , a Coolrunner rev.c , the wires to connect the nand. Now I have come to the point I know my dash (17511) I have soldered all the nand wires on the mother board. I have connected the wires to the...
  6. F

    Solved  Rgh wont connect online

    My Rgh finally came in the mail an it is a cool runner glitch2 falcon.But i cant get the thing to connect to live it has a stealth server already on it, an i just put a fresh key vault on it. What gives! lol, i keep getting an error code 8015190E. it connects to the internet but from there to...
  7. tony19652002

    Solved  please help

    I'm looking for a complete step by step guide to rgh a trinity i have a nand-x and a cool runner c,if anyone can point me in the right direction,all help would be much appreciated.
  8. U

    Solved  Need to download Games...

    Anyone knows where i can download iso files for my RGH? i search for weeks for 2 games and found nothing... and i don't can install my games on CD it takes 5 seconds an it says ready but i doesn't work :/
  9. turdbundy

    Discussion  RGH1 Zephr SUCCESS!!

    Hey dudes! I know that Zephrs get a ton of heat for being terrible to RGH. They totally deserve all the heat that they get! I just wanted to give some folks hope who have a zephr around on a low enough dash to attempt an RGH1. I used a knockoff coolrunner rev c on the default settings, zephr...
  10. E

    Solved  Can't get cpu key from console

    I have a cr4 xl installed. I already created and wrote the ecc. But when I try to boot it won't glitch. So I can't get my cpu key. Any thoughts? It's a trinity console. I have everything installed correctly.
  11. RGH 2

    Nulled Cash Drop Lobby's

    *My Subs on YouTube always Gets inv 1st* Welcome To Nulled Cash Drop Lobby's status= Online My YouTube account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBVpBOnE_EIlXXgz69nxUpA My New Gamertag: JollyFawn977814 (GT Always changes so pay attention) Fun lobby video...
  12. HuskerHeaven

    Tutorial  Xbox 360 SMC Power Mode Editing (Fixes Falcon Freezing on RGH2)

    Ok, I have noticed that there are a lot more RGH2 Falcons running around now that R-JTAG has been discontinued and I though I would create a tutorial that shows how to edit the POWER MODE and POWER VCS CONTROL in the SMC of your NAND. This will fix the majority of the freezing issues found in...
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