1. H

    Unsolved  rgh2 corona 4gb v4 pulled nand pads trace repaid no boot

    rgh2 corona 4gb v4 pulled nand pads trace repaid no boot 1676046675 I am unable to post pictures as its considered spam 🤷‍♀️ 1676047139
  2. G

    Unsolved  How to rebuild stock nand and flash it through xell ?

    I have a 16 mb trinity already working with rgh exploit as well as booting into xell. What I want to do is to use xell to flash a rebuilt nand from the already existent hacked nand image files and cpu key I got from xell boot screen . I hope I was clear enough guys.
  3. I

    Unsolved  Legit?

  4. Ottocoid

    Unsolved  Modify the MS dashboard (change tile colors, themes)

    Hi, again! I was wondering if I can modify the MS dashboard. Can I change the tile colors. I heard of XUID modifications but I don't know what is it and how to use them. And can I set the white theme to the dashboard without Live?
  5. Ottocoid

    Unsolved  Convert a basic account into Live on RGH without stealth server

    Hi! I want to create an Xbox Live account on RGH without stealth server or probably convert an existing one into a Live account. I don't want to use the Fakelive or Autolive function.
  6. ToXxiCxMoDz

    Unsolved  About to RGH a Trinity slim, I have a few questions.

    1. Is this everything I need?: I already have soldering iron and flux. I also have the necessary screwdriver bits to take apart the Xbox. I will be purchasing Ace V3 and J-R Programmer V2. 2. I am unsure if the parts listed above are for RGH or for RGH2? Also what parts would I need for the...
  7. ilikefredy

    Unsolved  USB Formatting / Transfer Problems

    Purchased 20 cheap USB 2.0 16GB Flash Drives from Amazon that I am using to put individual profiles (and their gamesaves) on for all of my friends and family to use for my 10 RGH Xbox LAN Setup I have going. I've managed to get 9 of the 20 drives to work as intended: Plugging in Flash Drive...
  8. ilikefredy

    Unsolved  Aurora Unity Title Updates Showing for Only A Few Games / Not Fetching

    When going into game details and going to the Unity Marketplace to fetch a title update, nothing loads. Hitting refresh does nothing, I have a valid IP Address (LiveBlock & LiveStrong are both Enabled) and internet connection. I can download Game Covers & Art Work for all games without trouble...
  9. M

    Solved  Bad and corrupted nand.

    Hi everyone . I have a xbox 360 slim trinity. I do not have my cpu key nor my original nand. I saw a forum explaining how to still recover my xbox which has a corrupt nand. I ordered jr programmer v2 to fix it. My hack chip is cool runner cr3 lite. The initial hack was done by someone else hence...
  10. A

    Solved  Error Writing to Viper Dual Nand

    So i just finished installing the AceX360 and Viper Dual Nand chips on my Trinity. I can write to the on board nand chip with out any issues but as soon as i switch to the other nand i always get a write error at block 82. the console is then unbootable this is both with a nand dump and the...
  11. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  Alternative Post Point?

    Hello I am looking to RGH 2 a phat console in my possession and noticed an alternative POST point in front of the CPU on the topside of the board, in a video. Does anyone know what point this is?
  12. W

    Solved  Xbox 360 Rgh Help!! Won't boot Xell

    So i rgh'ed my xbox 360 slim trinity mobo with an ace v3 chip and this was my first time using a soldering iron ever and i think i might have taken off the pad on the back of the motherboard where the C wire is supposed to go but im not sure. I went ahead and reflashed my nand to retail to see...
  13. Azzeh

    Solved  Corona v1 | DVD drive keeps on ejecting

    Moderators, Please close this thread Updates at the end of the post, please read before replying. --- Hello there, I managed to fry my Trinity motherboard, as such, I bought another one. I for one, can *physically* identify this motherboard as a Corona (Version 1, 16MB Hynix NAND), but...
  14. rynax

    Solved  Corona V2 4GB CR4 Muffin Install using Matrix Glitcher can't boot Xell

    Hi, Having problem with a Corona V2 4GB CR4 Muffion installation, wondering what could be the problem? It seems the board is doing the glitching (the glitch sound and short/long pattern), but tried all the timing files under Corona/192/48, 1-1 to 4-2, it just won't boot xell at all. The NAND...
  15. C

    Solved  Did Xbox live update on rgh

    I need help fixing my rgh I accidentally did Xbox live system update when clicking through messages without paying attention it won't load dash will just be a black screen and won't do rings around the power button when turning on it is a slim rgh2 I don't have original nand anymore. It will...
  16. G

    Solved  XeLL boots OK, but not dash (E79)

    Mobo type: Trinity (4GB w/ HANA) NAND reader/writer: JR-Programmer Program: J-Runner Glitch chip: X360 Ace V3 Glitch type: RGH2 Long story short, I lost my original NAND dump due to J-Runner defaulting the output files to Windows temp folder. I've attempted to build a new NAND from scratch...
  17. voodoo96

    Solved  Cant rgh2 Jasper16mb

    Hello, Ive been trying steady to get my Jasper to work, im using a cr4xl and attempting rgh2+. I have read the nands and written and created the ecc 2 times already and still nothing, i believe im on one dash before 17502, any helps appreciated ! http://i66.tinypic.com/jf84fc.png...
  18. R

    Solved  Help choosing what to do next on a jasper 16B

    hello guys i was starting to rgh2 a jasper 16MB and the sequence of events was like this turned it on it had 17511 dash open it up and there was some dust inside the console was never opened solder nand wires and got 4 nand dumbs all the same put the accelerated ecc jasper version on the nand...
  19. afterjo

    Solved  Trinity, Matrix.V1 chip, RGH2. Can't boot xell

    Hello, lads I'm looking for help. Can't load to xell. Created dump, wrote ECC, programmed my modchip with DIY matrix programmer. I double checked wiring, IMO it's correct. The chip is glitching, but won't boot xell. Fan is ticking before glitch chip blinks, blinking is about 5seconds interval...
  20. D


    hi guys by mistake i've updated my xbox360 corona rgh2 from xbox live and now the console is not starting or booting please guys help!!
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