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  1. G

    Solved  Lost all stock nand backups, Never got console booting into Xell, No CPU key. Is it possible to recover?

    Back in 2019 I had attempted to RGH 1.2 my Jasper 360 by following this guide, couldn't get it to boot most likely due to very poor soldering. Since then it has been sitting in the corner of my room untouched for over four years. I haven't a single idea where the original nand backups are, and I...
  2. Lucky

    Solved  Faulty coolrunner chip - Falcon rgh1.2

    I have been battling a Falcon mobo for the past two days now to no prevail doing a RGH1.2 using JRP & Coolrunner Revc. Some prerequisite knowledge: Obviously, coolrunner is a clone chip. I semi know how to solder, I used to build small board for my work. Here's my story of events- In...
  3. J

    Solved  Xbox 360 does not boot after attempted RGH1.2

    I recently got my Coolrunner Rev C in the mail and hooked it up to the computer with the MTX SPI NAND Flasher modified in JoinTheResistance's tutorial. I have used this setup for flashing X360Ace V3's before. XSVF gave me a 01 error and quit. I then programmed it with a Raspberry Pi and OpenOCD...
  4. Iamthelaw105

    Support  Xbox 360 Phat / Jasper 256mb Nand / RGH no Boot

    Hi guys, i`m new here hope to get help arround with my RGHed Jasper 256MB phat console. I have verified that everything is soldered correctly. Soldering is based on TheWeekendModder`s tutorial on Youtube. Reading nand was no problem, i created and wrote ECC file to the Nand to get the first...
  5. Darash

    Solved  Jasper 16MB Coolrunner Rev C not booting to Xell? Make sure you stock updated Dash first!

    Enjoying PS3-modding to REBUG or PS3HEN, so tried stepping up to hardware-modding an Xbox 360. This is my first. Hoping someone can help me, for it is not booting (to Xell). It is a Jasper 16MB with Dashversion 13599. To my knowledge, I cannot (retail) update it, because the DVD-drive is dead...
  6. P

    Question  Zephyr rgh1.2 matrix v1

    Hey man here How can i let a zephyr boot in to xell i use a matrix v1 instal guide from the weekend modder to. A RGH 1.2 my solder is almost perfect i hear the fan when it try To glitch but no boot i use the if you mad timing files try’d like 2 hours from file 15 to 30 but no boot atal i know...
  7. T


    Hey all, I really got stuck here. I’ve been working on this for days and I finally gave in but I really really want to successfully RGH A console I have been repairing and modding consoles for awhile now and never had any problems with soldering boards. I first attempted the jasper but didn’t...
  8. X

    Question  boot to xell on fat xbox with an empty nand

    what options do i have to boot to Xell and retrieve the CPU key on a fat Xbox with an empty nand (original dump not available ) , knowing that Xbox was updated with a very new dash? and then use a donor nand to create a freeboot image with the CPU key retrieved.
  9. L

    Solved  RGH1.2 On Jasper BB 512MB Stuck at boot logo after update to 17526

    Hi, so last night I did my first RGH. I used a Ace V3 and a Jasper mobo that was in the dash 17526. The problem is that when I flash the modified 17526 with my JR Programmer, it gets stuck at the Xbox logo and if I put a USB stick with launch.ini configured to launch anything it just keeps...
  10. G

    Solved  Dumping nand with arduino ?

    Hello everyone, today i'me here to ask two simple questions : Is it possible to dump the xbox 360 nand with an arduino ? If yes, How to do it ? soldering is not a problem, i have the necessary soldering skills :) My JR Programmer is cominc between October and November (Yeah, it come from...
  11. P

    Solved  i can't run any games on my Rgh 1.2 jasper

    hello friends! yesterday i turned my xbox 360 jasper 512mb 17502 into a rgh 1.2 using x360 ace glitch chip , i have installed xexmenu 1.2 and also dashlaunch and aurora and i can run any homebrews like those i had mentioned but as soon as i want to run a game xbox resets itself ! i have tried...
  12. F

    Solved  Can i use a Matrix Trident with a Xenon RGH1.2?

    I would like to use a Matrix Trident on my Xenon RGH1.2 with Ace v3. It is reballed so i have confidence it won'd rrod me. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  13. PCModernMods

    Solved  J runner device not found when programming cool runner revc

    I know this is a dumb question but jrunner can't detect my cool runner revc which is already connected to the xbox. I think it is not plugged in all the way but I can't get it in any further and I don't want to damage it. Can someone take a look and tell what's up/how in the world u plug this...
  14. PCModernMods

    Solved  Need help with rgh 1.2 hack xbox 360 Jasper 512 mb

    Hi, I solder my cool runner chip to the motherboard and attached the jr programmer to the board. I read the NAND so I have my dump files. However, I loaded XELL on the Xbox and I tried to boot it up and XELL won't boot. I have the cool runner REVC set to phat console and glitch. When I start the...
  15. X

    Solved  RGH did boot, now it won't

    I have Just RGH'd a jasper using the 1.2 install and a coolrunner. everything was fine, got it to boot and everything. knowing it was booting to dash i thought id play around with timing files. Now it won't boot at all. Even when i put the initial timing file that worked back on. I have made...
  16. J

    Tutorial  Finding the right timing file/What do the different blinking patterns mean

    In this tutorial I am going to explain how you can fine tune an RGH install, that's using one of 15432's timing file packs. I am mostly going to focus on S-RGH V1 as those are the timing files with the most feedback. Though, the same principles explained here can be applied to any other RGH...
  17. L

    Solved  Zephyr RGH1.2 Xell won't boot

    I am attempting to RGH1.2 my Zephyr console. After writing ECC and programming dynamic timing to my Ace v3 (tried both the xenon and the jasper files), Xell wont boot. The ace flashes green of varying lengths in 3 round bursts, but console wont boot to xell. My solder job is posted here: The...
  18. Konsolenumbau

    Solved  Jasper SB , RGH1.2 with an AceV3

    Hey up Guys. Great i found you :-) So i have a Jasper here wich i want to perform a RGH1.2 installation. I´ve done lots and lots of RGH´s but NEVER a RGH1.2. So i soldered everything in like stated in ultimative RGH 1.2 with CR4 Experience Thread. I desoldered the one Resistor and got...
  19. five_0_games

    Solved  best place to get cr4 and jrpv2

    what is the best website to buy a cr4 and a jrpv2 in Canada i seen alot of sites like the weekend modder but he dont sell chips internationally i was looking for a good and reliable website
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