1. C

    Unsolved  Problems reading the nand

    I installed the cables, regulators and postfix. In my first attempt it said: Checking Console... Corona 4GB (eMMC connected) Reading Nand to C:\Users\Cualquiera\Desktop\picoloutput\nanddump1.bin PicoFlasher has encountered an error Try to unplug and replug the device System...
  2. Z

    Unsolved  Zephyr Jtag E79 Error After Writing Xell, AUD_Clamp and Normal. A nightmare of a simple Jtag!!😮‍💨

    Jtag Zephyr Relentless E79, AUD_Clamp Selected. 😮‍💨 CB4558 I picked up proper 1n4148 Diodes and those are not working either. I'm at a loss. I'm not a kid with a soldering iron anymore torching pads. This is a very easy soldering job and takes me only minutes. My soldering is perfect. I've...
  3. M

    Unsolved  Looking for a Left4Dead2 Mod Menu

    I've been looking at some L4D2 mods and they look pretty good the only thing is my GFs laptop im using for downloading games/mods wont let me on the website! Does anyone have another link that works? Even hmu with some other l4d2 menus if you have them :P
  4. S

    Unsolved  XBox won't boot into XeLL during RGH3 mod

    Hi, I was attempting to mod my Xbox 360 Trinity using the software RGH3 method but half way into the mod where you supposed to hook up the XBOX to TV and boot into XeLL it just sits there, fan running, and the green LED in the front flashing rapidly. I'm using J-Runner 3.3.0 and clone JR...
  5. N

    Unsolved  Trinity 16MB RGH3 - Problem reaching Dashboard

    I am having a really strange issue with my Trinity 16MB RGH3. The install went perfect and testing the console also worked great, it was testing after the console was put back together when I noticed that the console wouldn’t boot to the dashboard when powering on from the power button (or...
  6. Cobatine

    Unsolved  RGH Stuck in system update Loop everytime while tryna connect to Xbox Live

    Im on a stealth server and everytime I try to sign into xbox live, it gives me this update. It gives me this update after every reboot, as if the update doesn't stick. update image: https://ibb.co/1RchnJN I got the latest dashboard and my avatar ISNT greyed out. so im not sure what im even...
  7. C

    Game Mods  Can someone help me make a zombies mod menu

    I’m new to making menus and would like to make a zombies menu for waw Xbox ( I do have a rgh ) but want to make my own menu with a actual menu base etc but don’t know where to start or what software to use etc can someone help me with some knowledge on what to do etc thank you in advance
  8. B

    Unsolved  Nuketown 2025 download loop

    trying to get online on bo2 obviously i get the download loop so i tried a fix i found on here and it didnt work just says dlc is damaged and still loops so i tried using the dlc file from another rgh and this way it shows in aurora with the bo2 logo under the dlc tab (the "fix" file did not...
  9. Lucky

    Homebrew  XeXMenu 1.2 - Updated Se7ensins Skins

    Hello all, It's time that Se7ensins themes on XeXMenu have been updated. Note: There was NO change to the application itself. I DO NOT take credit for XeXMenu, nor the 1.2 update, simply giving a refreshment to the skin packages. I've went ahead and even created a new package. See the spoilers...
  10. godlespawel1

    Unsolved  Is it necessary to desolder the glitch chip before dump and write nand?

    Hello, I apologize in advance for my English. I have a question. After updating nand by simple flasher the console booted once in the original dash. I formatted the internal memory which showed up as unformatted. After that xbox stopped booting. The red LED is on and the green LED flashes every...
  11. M

    Unsolved  Rgh harddrive 2tb help!

    Hi im having issues with my external harddrive I have formatted my 1tb to FAT 32 with OMIEI PARTITIONER and it worked perfectly but when do the same method with My 2tb it comes up as unformatted Maybe I am missing something here..
  12. chadderbox090

    Unsolved  Need Help!

    Hey guys, it's been a long time! So i'm stuck on the new way of modding mw2... I use to code etc way way back in the day when MW2, WaW and all that were still using .ff files to run menus, well it seems like that's a thing of the past. So my question is this... HOW DO I MAKE MENUS AND WHERE DO...
  13. C

    Unsolved  Help needed with chosing a proper SSD for my RGH1.2 Jasper XBOX 360

    I am new to Xbox modding though I have flashed my disc reader in the past and I have homebrew on my Wii. I am currently waiting for my RGH hardware to come in through the mail. I now need to find some good hard drives to install in my XBOX 360 and I was wondering if anybody could help me with...
  14. C

    Unsolved  Need Help

    when i launch games from my xex menu they just crash my console but when i launch them on aurora they work perfectly fine?
  15. H

    Unsolved  [Jtag/RGH] Need imagefile.pak 2-5 for MW3

    Hello everyone! I'm in desperate need of these files or if you have the updates needed to get them please send them to me!! I've looked everywhere online for them to no avail. I have a Trinity Glitch 2. Thanks in advance!
  16. LordVirusXeX

    Tools  Xbox 360 MW2 Name & Clan Tag Changer RTM Tool

    So I've been playing mw2 since the old cod servers are back up and working. I found that the RTM tools for Xbox are rather lacking and since I like to talk to people with a real time name changer and there were no tools that did this well or changed clan tags on TU9 I decided to make my own and...
  17. Esilious

    Unsolved  Rapid Green Blinking Light after RGH 3.0

    Just finished my first RGH, console boots up no problem, including to dashboard and Xell. However, the power button has a constant green flashing light (~4 to 5 blinks per second) Console was still stripped, in the aluminum housing, had fan installed/connected with new thermal paste. I am able...
  18. ferretcrustice

    Unsolved  I think I messed up my rgh

    I just got my first rgh, and I tried to install ********, but before I did I forgot to go into dashlaunch and I think enable livestrong or liveblock or something, so now when it restarted it just indefinitely loads. 1690671637 X B Online
  19. M

    Unsolved  Help i think i have broken my rgh..

    I have just received my xbox rgh i noticed my folders and files was messed up and I wanted to reinstall everything from scratch. I have wiped my harddrive completely but didn't realise that I'm u able to install anything.. nothing shows on the usb so I'm guessing I've wiped my nand or...
  20. T

    Unsolved  Corona V3 NAND dumps don`t match in J-Runner

    Hi I solder on a daily basis, and have 10+ years experience modding consoles. Though I did not have the chance to work on an Xbox 360 before, until now. I have a Corona V3 with 16MB NAND that I am trying to RGH3. Installed postfix adapter. Installed both RGH3 wires needed for the exploit to...
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