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    Tutorial Viper Dual Nand V2 Phat install

    Whats up Guys, I made this little guide for people who want to install a Viper V2 into a phat console. Also I haven't seen any Install diagrams for the corona or the phat consoles yet. I will be coming out with a corona install diagram as well soon. Now there are 3 consoles you can use the...
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    Solved How would turn my console into a rgh?

    My dashboard is 2.0.17502.0
  3. J

    Unsolved RGHing an Xbox 360 from scratch

    Hi, I'm looking forward towards modding my old Xbox 360 console which, after doing some research, found out that its a 4gb corona with the latest 17559 dashboard on it. I'm actually a total noob at this however, since my console is kinda old and with the conception that nothing too big is gonna...
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    Support Need help RGH

    Hi I had an RGH about a year ago and it got the RROD so I was wondering if I bought a new one then used the hard drive from the RROD rgh would it be okay or cause issues to my new rgh, help ASAP would be greatly appreciated
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    Unsolved Stealth Server Won’t load up [SOLVED]

    Hey, i just had a problem with a stealth server i downloaded and i was wondering what could be wrong? i’m banned rn but when i plug-in ninja it loads and boots up fine and i get all the notifs at the bottom, but when i plugin shield it doesn’t load the server, the xbox boots up perfectly fine...
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    Solved RGLoader with RGH 17559

    Hello, I have one RGH Trinity with last dashboard (17559). And i want to use my nand (RGLoader). To create this Nand (17150), i use 17544 Dump. It worked perfectly when I switched from a Dashboard 17544 RGH to a Dashboard 17150 RGLoader. So my question is will it work from a 17559 Dashboard to...
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    Unsolved Looking for advice on modded 360

    I'm looking to buy a modded xbox 360. I'm not sure about anything to do with a RGH or a JTAG. I've only used infection mods. What's the difference between a RGH and a JTAG? Witch one is better? What programs would I need on the xbox? How could I get 1000's of games? How do I use the xbox? (<-Lol...
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    Solved Backwards Compatibility freeze on startup *FIX*

    Thought I'd put this up here so anyone who has this same issue won't have to waste time. Had an issue with Xbox Original games not launching properly and just black screening on startup. Looked around and saw that I might need to redo the compatibility files and such. Tried it and nothing. Saw...
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    Unsolved Play wager matches (gun game etc.) on rgh Xbox 360 without live?

    Hey, as the title says is there any way to play wager matches on an Xbox 360 RGH console which doesn't have Xboxlive. Are there any mods that allow this etc? Thanks!
  10. R

    Unsolved Trinity temps on a hot country

    Hi, I live in Sri lanka and it's never lower than 28^c even today is 31^c. I set my target temps on dashlaunch to, CPU- 65 Gpu-60 Edeam-63 Please tell me if I need to lower them. My actual idle temps are, CPU -60 Gpu- 56 Edram- 53 And my temps while I play dirt 3 are, CPU-62 gpu- 58 edram- 55...
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    Unsolved Xbox 360 Modding Service in GTA (Southern Ontario)?

    Hello Everyone, I've been perusing through the forum, and I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this... but I'm not buying/selling/trading, and not posting a tutorial, so I don't know where else to post it? I recently bought myself a 250GB Xbox 360 S (Slim) off of Kijiji for 50 bucks...
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    Unsolved Rgh keeps freezing on games

    Hi, I resently rghed my console and it worked great. Here's the stuff I did after that so that anyone can diagnose the problem. The game get freezed but I can quit to the dashboard also the thermals are around 70 on both CPU and gpu if that's needed. and its a trinity console. First I copied...
  13. X

    Unsolved Bo2 gscr help (Multiplayer)

    I'm trying to use a gscr menu (Batman V15) and I always get a connection interrupted when there are a few players, pretty much forcing me to shut off my console. I used the infection on Xbox one and it is completely fine. Any GSC menu like jiggy works perfectly. Any ideas?
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    Unsolved Forza Horizon - some DLC are not working [RGH]

    Hello everyone. Sorry if this has been asked before but I could not find the solution. I have a RGH modded Xbox 360 console. I copied Forza Horizon to the hard drive, downloaded title update 4 (via Aurora) and all DLC packs. I copied the DLC to Content\[bunch of 0s]\4D5309C9\00000002; they all...
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    Unsolved Trinity rgh

    Hello. I wanted to rgh my Xbox trinity a few weeks ago finally the stuff from eBay came today. Bought a jr programmer and a matrix v1 chip to do a muffin install. I want to know since the chip is from eBay will something bad like rrod happen over time or will it be fine? Thanks for reading...
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    Unsolved RGH Won’t connect to XBL

    I can not seem to figure this one out. I’ve reset all my plug ins, tried a new stealth server, checked my KV, made sure liveblock and liveStrong are disabled, reset my router and even just let my Xbox chill out for a couple days and nothing... Plug ins: 1: xbdm.xex 2: ninja.xex 3: (mod menu) 4...
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    Unsolved RGH only won’t load any XEX files

    I started using my RGH after a while, and I’ve been running into this issue where I can only open XexMenu and Freestyle Dash, and the XEXs I have (even Dashlaunch) won’t work, and it only shows a black screen. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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    Tools [Preview] GTA SA JTAG/RGH Tool

    Inspired by Smokey xKoVx :smile: So I just recently started learning how to find offsets and modify certain things but im still not very good when it comes to most of it but ive come decently far on my own and with the help of Tuts. As of rn i only figured out how to get floats and cant find...
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    Solved RGH no longer boots after disconnected wire. Help?

    Hi to everyone! I'm in the need of your knowledge and/or assistance please. Console? Xbox 360 (Jasper mobo). Chip? X360ACE v3. Installation method / wiring (i.e RGH1, RGH 1.2, RGH2)? I don't know. Maybe you can tell me by the pics I've taken. It's not the same diagram I found on a guide from...
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    Unsolved Modify the MS dashboard (change tile colors, themes)

    Hi, again! I was wondering if I can modify the MS dashboard. Can I change the tile colors. I heard of XUID modifications but I don't know what is it and how to use them. And can I set the white theme to the dashboard without Live?
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