1. sonnyy

    Game Mods  Halo 3 Sunrise Beta (Play Matchmaking Again!)

    This is a plugin made by craftycodie which will allow you to play matchmaking after the servers shutdown Ranks and exp work and non modders/retails can join you To use it simply set it as plugin 3 or 4 or 5 in dashlaunch Then invite your friends/non modders then search a playlist! More info...
  2. M

    Solved  RGH 3.0 Corona 4GB Matrix programmer pinout - help needed

    Hello, At the very beginning I would like to say hi to everyone here :smile: I have an Xbox 360 - 4GB Nand Corona and trying to modify it using RGH3 tutorial. Instructions in the tutorial are for a different programmer. Would anyone help me figure out how to wire up Matrix programmer? I can't...
  3. S

    Unsolved  BO2 zombies ****7 script error(s): solve function „closemenus“ in maps/mp/_imcsx_gsc_studios.gsc

    Hello , so basically I really tried everything I could to solve this problem but now I don’t know what to do … Everytime i go in zombies and try to play a game (solo , local , Systemlink , online ) it kicks me out and it gives me that error I tried really everything and I don’t know what to do...
  4. SuperFly475

    Unsolved  RGH online 80151103 error code

    Hello, I am trying to download a profile on my xbox and I keep getting the 80151103 error code and it kicks me out. is there something i can do to fix this?
  5. I

    Unsolved  360 RGH forced to update game every launch

    Been using an RGH for a while now and this annoying issue has stopped me from wanting to use it. Does anyone know how to stop a game from forcing you to install an update every time you play a game? For example, whenever I boot up BO2 or MW3, or Minecraft, I have to install an update and can't...
  6. J

    Unsolved  RGH 3 Troubles with boot up

    Hey guys, I have RGH 3 hacked 2 phat consoles now, first a jasper then a falcon. Im getting an issue on bootup. maybe 75% boots up fine and everything is good almost an instant boot. But maybe 25% of the time i press the power button and the console powers off 2 seconds later. just strange its a...
  7. J

    Unsolved  RGH3'ing a trinity: Can't Write Nand.. but could read it... any ideas why?

    Background: -It's my 2nd hack. It's a trinity. Using JRP. First hack (also a trinity, same tools, maybe a week ago) I ran into issues writing the ECC to the Nand. Got Iotimedout error in jrunner. Couldn't figure out why, wound up resetting the jrunner, unplugging/replugging it in, etc...
  8. mbucc9000

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 Beeps but no Lights or Fan Spin... (After RGH 3.0)

    Hello, I was at the step of my RGH 3.0 where I wrote the ECC file in order to get my CPU Key. I went to boot the console (into Xell) but all I get is a beep and no signs of life (no fan spin or lights). I have a "System Only" backup of the NAND and tried to reflash it but it didn't fix the...
  9. ShayTheNerd

    Solved  Xbox 360 RGH - Console not found error after xell

    Hello! My first post and it's already bad thing xD I wanted to RGH my second XBOX 360 after my first rgh corona. This time it is a trinity. I had done the steps up to xell reloaded and It does boot into xell. But here is my issue. I want to write the NAND after I have created the XeBuild Image...
  10. T

    Solved  Xbox 360 RGH3 Trinity Completed but with problems

    I've just finished modding a 360 trinity with rgh3 but I have a few issues I hope someone can died dome light on First, I couldn't get it to boot with the 3k Resistor in place, take it off and xell etc boots fine. The second issue I have l is I was setting up all the content including aurora...
  11. R

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 slim Trinity RGH Black Screen

    I had not used my Xbox 360 in a couple years and decided i was going to pull it out and mess around with it, I turned it on and got the Xbox logo but it would not boot into the dash so i attempted to restart it but now i am met with a black screen every time i try and turn it on. I have tried...
  12. nicholasbroo

    Discussion  | FREE | Proto Stealth Server | JTAG/RGH/Dev Kit | Requires XBL Gold

    Proto Stealth Server "The technology you use, impresses no one. The experience you however create with it: is everything." 1,400+ Users, 0 BANS! What is Proto Stealth Server? Written from scratch using pure research and combined knowledge, Proto/PL is a totally free Xbox Live Stealth Server...
  13. L

    Unsolved  RGH3 Suddenly started rebooting randomly [Trinity]

    Ok. Yesterday completed my first RGH3 Trinity Mod (Never done it without mod-chips). Everything worked perfectly. Left it on for an hour - installed XexMenu and called it a night. Today - turned it on to complete setup - install dashlaunch and freestyle - and within 30 seconds console just...
  14. gamecube501

    Solved  Can i mod my Xbox 360 E?

    Hello, i have my old Xbox 360 here and i wonder if i can mod it with RGH or something. im completely new to this but i have soldering skills. I bought my Console in Germany a few years ago. im gonna put some data here. 12V 9,6A Xbox 360 E MFR Date: 2014-08-18 Thanks for your help.
  15. T

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 RGH3 4gb Corona V2 - error reading nand. Help

    I'm doing a 4gb corona v2 Using a tx sd card tool When trying to read the nand I'm getting error "Failed to get Disk Geometry" Jrunner sees physical drive in the drive list, I've tried my laptop sd card reader and a transcend USB reader but both the same Any help would be appreciated
  16. T

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 4gb corona v2 RGH 3

    Hi all I've not molded a 360 in years, I saw the latest rgh 3 and I felt like jumping back into the scene I already have a 4gb corona v2 and still have a sealed TX 4gb sd card kit. Still got my old j-r programmer v2 too so I think I'm good to go Can anyone point me to a good guide for using...
  17. mbucc9000

    Unsolved  Is there a way to convert a 4GB NAND to a 16MB NAND?

    Hello, Is there a way to convert a 4GB NAND to a 16MB NAND? I ripped the pads to the points for the 4GB SD READER. I was wondering if I could switch to a 16MB NAND so I could solder to the NAND-X points. I have a Corona motherboard btw. Thank you!!
  18. D

    Solved  RGH3 Jasper BB, Works great but has slight issues.

    Should I be concerned if the Xbox 360 does the following after performing RGH3: - Xbox occasionally turns off immediately after turning it on. - Xbox ocasionally red rings after turning it on. - Xbox ocasionally does this wierd infinite boot where the fan speed syncs up with the ROL power light...
  19. P

    Unsolved  RGH v3 on Corona v5,v6 ?

    Just learned about RGH v3, and want to know is it possible to apply on all Coronas including v5,v6 ? Thanks.
  20. C

    Unsolved  can you build your own 4gb corona nand reader ?

    Hello so I was wanting to build my own 4gb corona nand reader. I know I could use the sd tool but I wanna try and build my own reader. I know I can’t use my jrp2 so that’s what makes me want to make my own. Does anyone know how to? If so can you link a tutorial? Is it possible to just cut the...
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