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  1. N

    Discussion  If you add a switch to the power rails on a 1.2 RGH Modchip, can you affectively switch between modded and unmodded?

    This just popped up in my head. For example, when the switch is on (modchip activated), you can use RGH, but when the switch is off (modchip deactivated), you can play without RGH. Would this work???

    Discussion  GTA4 GHOST GREW OG MODS

    FOR EVERYONE TO KNOW I AM GHOSTHALY GTA4 BIGGEST OG 2008 developer i am more happy to be here with everyone join our GHOST MODDING TEAM FOR THE BEST GTA4 MODDING MENU PLUS ALL MODDING UPDATES WE ARE ALWAYS REMASTERING GTA4 with new features MODS for everyone to have fun check out our GHOST team...
  3. S

    Question  HOW TO FIX: When I Get Host on Black Ops 1 Multiplayer Online, It Kicks All Other Players (RGH)

    Title pretty much says it all. For some reason, every time I get host in a black ops 1 game, normally within a minute but sometimes I can make it a little longer, my screen will freeze for a sec then I’ll get the game’s black loading screen, it goes for like 15 seconds, and then it returns to...
  4. 0xShelby

    Tools  RGStarter V6.2 | Free Premium Alternative To Paid Tools | Package Installer, Linux Installer, Remote Mods, Command Line, File Editing & Much More!

    (please bear with me, I am not good with thread design at ALL on se7ensins) Good morning everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far. Almost 3 years ago I started a project called RGStarter, which at the time was just a simple Package Installation program that made it easy to get...
  5. Y

    Question  Changing the language on rgh games

    So i have a ton of games that i downloaded to a hard drive to play as god format. Most of them are in spanish or japanese and i wouldnt want to reinstall all of the isos again (its like 2 hard drives worth of games). Obviously theres no option to change the language in the games, so i was...
  6. E

    Question  Probably fried Xbox 360?

    Hi, I just started modding my Xbox 360 and I hoped I could get some help here. I tried a RGH 3.0. With all wires and PICO flasher in place J-Runner actually detected the motherboard as a Falcon. Success! So I got to the next step and pressed "Read Nand". This is where the console turned on (out...
  7. E

    Question  RGLoader on RGH 3 flacon?

    Hi guys cureently running xdkbuild shdowboot to rgloader on my falcon rgh 3 and its a horrible experience lol for a while a few people said they were working on it but now the trail is cold. i have some dev experience (modded360nandflasher) maybe someone can pass me the torch? thanks!
  8. TheLazyHatGuy

    Question  Corona V3 Mufas XeLL not displaying

    I am trying to RGH my Corona v3 using the Mufas method with a Matrix v3. I know about RGH3, but I burned my PLL point. I think the glitch is working correctly because I get the boot animation on the front panel, but I don't get any video signal and my Xbox doesn't appear to connect to the...
  9. N

    Question  Xbox 360 RGH 3.0 - Retail dashboard crash

    So I got myself an RGH 3.0 Trinity 360. When I boot it up, it goes to XNA dashboard. Any attempt to run the retail dashboard results in a crash. I see the dashboard for a split second, then the console reboots, saves a crash dump (apparently the crash is in xam.xex) then reboots again back into...
  10. P

    Question  RGH 3

    Need help RGH 3 I messed up . After reading nand and creating xell and writing xell all went well Got into xell on screen then created xebuild got errors and like a fool press write nand Managed to reload xell on screen Now its saying kv_get_dvd_key failure: kv_read the hash check failed...
  11. F

    Question  I dunno what happened to my rgh console HELP!

    so I updated my dashboard through some tutorial and it worked I used proto and had gold and could play games online perfectly but then I ordered BO2 hardened edition it came today and I put it in and the disc wouldn't run I thought it was scratched so I wiped it nothing. Then I checked the discs...
  12. C

    Question  Error when trying to create xebuild image with J-Runner

    Hello guys, I'm currently trying to mod an Xbox 360 slim E. The motherboard is a Cornona 16MB on V:2.0.17559.0. Writing Xell worked without any problems, now when I enter the CPU key and try to create XeBuild I get an error message that kv.bin(-1) cannot be read. Does anyone have an idea what...
  13. P

    Question  lost retail nand

    i lost my retail nand, but i have another xbox retail. can i flash that retail nand on my current console?
  14. C

    Question  Can't read nand with diy sd tool

    Basically, I soldered every point, tried out every diagram available, and even made another sd card tool. Still, when I connect to the computer, it doesn't detect anything. There's no pop-up asking to format, nothing. What could it be?
  15. M

    Question  Xbox Neighborhood doesn't appear on the desktop after installation.

    I've installed neighborhood easily in the past, but now the actual application for neighborhood doesn't seem to get installed by the installer. It is not visible in the start menu or on the desktop. I've tried multiple versions of the SDK from various places, but they all have the same problem...
  16. G

    Question  Xbox 360 Falcon RGH with picoflasher - Fail to boot XeLL

    I had an old Xbox360 Falcon given to me approx 5 years ago (completely forgot about it since). I tried it and it worked fine at the time. Tried RGH using picoflasher 3.0 yesterday. Used a 10K resistor (I read anything from 3K up to 20K would work), soldering job is super clean. Using Jrunner...
  17. C

    Question  Blue xell screen not showing after following all steps, please help

    I have a fat white 360, Jasper 16 mb. We are doing RGH, I followed the steps in the video down below. We are at where the blue xell screen should but it does not. We are using a coolrunner jr prorammer v2. We created the xell and soldered all the points as instructed in the video. The console is...
  18. A

    Question  Xbox 360 No Video Issue, Dead CPU?

    Greetings, everyone! I'm having an issue with my brother's RGH3 console, and I'm not proficient enough to diagnose the issue, so I hope someone here can help me out. Namely, I performed the RGH3 mod myself on a Trinity board. I have 20 years of experience in soldering, and the joints appear to...
  19. C

    Question  Can connect to ******** but not once loading game to play on Xbox live. Says connection lost every time

    Okay so, i have another RGH exact same plugins and even avatar update but for some reason I cannot connect once clicking to play online and says connect is lost. Nothing is different to my other RGH and even has a new KV. Any ideas? 1705237827 Title cancelled out the stealth name but it was...
  20. M

    Question  looking for a good Black ops 1 RGH mod Menu

    Im looking for a good Black ops 1 mod Menu for my RGH, i tried some but every one i used dosent have the functions i need. I need a Menu with: Kick Player Derank Player End Round (not the whole game session) On-Host or Off-Host Maybe someone knows one
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