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rgh problem

  1. L

    Question  Rgh BO2 multiplayer disconnects me from xbox live

    Trinity rgh2 running bo2 with jiggy 4.5 and using ninja for stealth. Had been working fine but randomly started ****ing up. I force host and the game starts but after half the game everyone times out and the game ends. Then it kicks me to the MP menu and says it cannot connect to online...
  2. M

    Question  Myriad of problems with RGH - Crashes, not copying files, games not running (Newbie)

    Hello! First of all, sorry for the noob questions. I'm new to the forum and, even though I own a Jasper 360 with RGH since last december, I'm actually really noob to the theme as well. I'll try to describe them the best as possible. I'm having some problems with RGH, but first of all, a little...
  3. M

    Solved  Stealth Server won’t Load HELP

    So I’ve had a RGH for about 1 year now (still a noob). I can usually fix super simple problems but I cannot get this problem fixed. I went to boot up my RGH today and my stealth server (ninja) said rehash and redesign (I think that’s what it said) then it rebooted. When it rebooted, no stealth...
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