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    Unsolved  Jasper Xbox 360 Phat RGH 1.2 Attempt Issues. Any feedback/help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello everyone, I recently have attempted to RGH 1.2 my Jasper Xbox 360 using a Coolrunner Rev C and a JR-Programmer V2. I was able to get it to the point where I was booting Xell and installed operating system on to the console as well and all appeared well. However, when I was turning on the...
  2. J

    Solved  Xbox 360 neighbor hood not showing up on my computer after install.

    I’m in search of a high iq to help me figure out why my Xbox 360 neighborhood isn’t showing up properly on my computer, I just get a few programs such as “avatar viewer” and something to do with a cpu monitor I’ve tried Uninstalling / reinstalling as well as using different links for Xbox 360...
  3. Enjoying420

    Solved  Need support on RGH/JTAG

    I am a beginner to the jtag/rgh community but i recently just got one and i figured a bit out, everythings up ans running but im having an issue with Halo Reach. I downloaded its iso from a site, looked theough the files and it looks like the game, but when i install it into my xbox and launch...
  4. Vfrguy96

    Is my Xbox rgh’able

    Hello everyone I have a Xbox 360 that I wanna rgh but don’t know if it can be. If anyone here can help I’d greatly Appreciate it because I been looking every where and have found nothing to help me below are pictures of the back of my Xbox and the date it was Madeline a picture of the dashboard...
  5. R

    Solved  Help with RGH chips compatabilty

    Hello, I have a few questions. What motherboards is ace v3 compatable with? What motherboards is coolrunner rev c compatable with? Are all chips compatable with all (except xenon) motherboards? (For the same motherboard type) Can I use the same timing files (.xsvf) in ace v3 and in coolrunner...
  6. LegendOfRock69


    So i mod lots of consoles, and i finally did an rgh on my big block jasper using a coolrunner rev c. little bit of troubleshooting but i got it all done up and insta-booting, fast forward i get a few xbox's and i wanted to sell one to get more mod chips so i peeled my old jasper apart and...
  7. B

    Unsolved  Help with RGH

    i put a KV on my rgh and it turns it into a folder not a file and I can’t delete the folder to put a KV on if you need more explaining I can post a vid too just ask if you know how to get rid of this problem please help Thanks.
  8. L

    Solved  Mw3 update loop help?

    Hi,I’m on the latest TU and when I load the default_mp.xex it keeps updating on a loop anyone know how to fix this issue?
  9. I

    Solved  Xbox 360 trinity rgh help

    I’ve soldered all my wires in a muffin config using a matrix glitcher I ripped my post point off and I’m using an alternate point(which is working) and my chip is attempting to glitch the console but I left it running overnight and it still didn’t boot into xell I tried to put my stock Nand back...
  10. M

    Solved  Stealth Server won’t Load HELP

    So I’ve had a RGH for about 1 year now (still a noob). I can usually fix super simple problems but I cannot get this problem fixed. I went to boot up my RGH today and my stealth server (ninja) said rehash and redesign (I think that’s what it said) then it rebooted. When it rebooted, no stealth...
  11. SonUvaGunna

    Solved  Plugins not showing up in dashlaunch

    So a while back i bought a preloaded rgh and it worked pretty mediocre but it worked. I forgot exactly what happend but I ended up deleting alot of stuff by accident and now im just trying to set it all up again. My problem is the only files showing up in my dashlaunch are jrpc.xex and...
  12. leon46

    Solved  RGH Help

    I was also wondering do you have to change the plugin for each menu when you want to change game or can you just load the game up without changing the plugin and still have the menus work
  13. Walmart Shooter

    Solved  Help installing DLC to an RGH

    I saw onetoutorial that gave the downloads and did it through horizon, I followed that tut, and the DLC didnt not show up, so then I found another one that didnt need horizon, all the DLC was already unlocked and it gave different downloads you just dragged it into a content folder on your hd, I...
  14. Walmart Shooter

    Solved  RGH storage troubles

    My gta5 has not been launching correctly it has a loading screen but it doesnt say loading story mode or online or have a circle or anything its just the pictures then freezes up, so I realised that it says my stoarge device on xex menu has 0.2 gb used, and there is ALOT more than that used, so...
  15. deleteduser03

    Tutorial  RTM Modding Tools Troubleshooting

    We've all been in a situation where we have bought a Jtag or RGH, set everything up but our tools wont connect. But this is a very simple fix, and here's how to do it: 1. Remove "Jtag" from Neighbourhood 2. Add it again by typing "Jtag" or the consoles IP address (Can be found in XeXMenu or...
  16. S

    Solved  Installing Black Ops 3 for RGH Console Please Help

    Hi i installed black ops 3 on my rgh and i did everything i needed to do but zombies wont work it says ( a Downloadable content package was not loaded because it was missing or damaged. in irder to play, you need to download new required content.) i got the same message on multiplayer but it...
  17. A

    Solved  RGH Reboots when any of the Games on it needs an update

    Hey everyone, I have a Trinity RGH and everything was fine with it when I purchased it, but now I'm getting this problem. Whenever my a game needs an update, it always reboots? I am pretty new to modding so there could be an easy solution... If I need to manually install the update, can anyone...
  18. I

    Solved  Stealth help please!

    Hey, I never posted before so I don't know if I'm doing it right. Anyway I just switched my stealth from ballin to ninja last week, but every time it get online with ninja it instantly bans my kv I put in and it says fatal crash intercepted. Then my console just freezes... My plugins are right...
  19. N

    Solved  Broken Bo1?

    Hello I think I broke my bo1... It seems to automatically force host same with mw3. Heads up im new to the modding scene. This is my first RGH-JTAG. I have a corona if that helps. Have no idea what I did. I just put bo1 and mw3 on my console today and put the tu files on it. No idea why its auto...
  20. laurenxlcmods

    Solved  rgh contents folder

    this may sound very stupid but here goes. So lately my rgh started loading everything slow, 'my games' 'friends' 'messages' ect i was told the fix was to format my hard drive. so i done that but forgot to back up my contents folder. i have all my games and plugin ect but no contents folder...
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