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    Discussion Jtag/Rgh Discussion

    Looking for other gamers who own a jtag or rgh and knows a little more than i do and have hopfully some game links saved. Ive been looking everywhere for iso files to get games on my rgh i just got. Im just having trouble finding help, people, anything about modding anymore. Lets talk! 😁
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    Solved My rgh won’t run disks

    Ever since I got my rgh it was working good,then after I updated to the latest dashboard wanted to install black 2 but the files didn't pop up so I tried running it and takes me back to the dashboard without any warnings. Players help. Not sure if it’s the of kv or something else
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    Unsolved Help with RGH Trinity! Will not boot.

    So today since we all are under quarantine, I thought I should boot up the good ol' RGH for the first time in years. I plug her in, boot into xell and works. I boot by pressing the power button and my xbox immediately shuts off. Everytime I turn it on. This is not an issue with my stealth server...
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    Unsolved Rgh help

    I got a RGH it has gold on the account I'm not spoofing any type of gold I can't find no lobbies on MW3 MW2 Black Ops 2 in GTA V I got a damn good internet connection reset my router open my ports still nothing I don't use crack menus I use paid menus I don't use free stealth servers I use only...
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    Unsolved RGH console can't read the hard drive

    My RGH console can't read or even recognize the (retail 250) hard drive. An intresting thing is, when sometimes it does manage to read the drive and boot into aurora, when I connect an ethernet cable to it, it immediatly stops sending HDMI however the console is still on and the controller...
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    Solved Differences between varie RGHs

    What are the differences between RGHs (1, 1.2, 2, s-rgh)? Which one is best? What glitches can you perform on phats? What glitches can you perform on slims? What chips can you use on phats? What chips can you use on slims? Thanks in advance.
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    Solved Help with RGH chips compatabilty

    Hello, I have a few questions. What motherboards is ace v3 compatable with? What motherboards is coolrunner rev c compatable with? Are all chips compatable with all (except xenon) motherboards? (For the same motherboard type) Can I use the same timing files (.xsvf) in ace v3 and in coolrunner...
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    Unsolved JR programmer accidentaly stopped working.

    Hey there guys. Yesterday I was a bit tired and drunk and I decided it would be good If I hacked my Trinity. Everything went ok until I had to write timing files (I forgot to actually connect jr programmer v2 to ace v5) and jr started flashing red light and so. I tried various options with those...
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    Unsolved Destruction V1 fatal crash

    Hello s7 For some reason call of duty AW fatal crashes when I press multiplayer, zombies/campaign when I’m using Destruction v1 I have it as plug in 3. When I take destruction of it works fine :/ destruction works fine or other games just not for AW for some reason anyone got a solution? Or even...
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    Unsolved Plugging in HDD breaks Console

    Okay, so this is the second console I'm RGHing with a muffin chip and a jr-programmer. But the hard drive is blank and there's nothing on it, I tried plugging it in to my current working console and no issues, but whenever I plug any HDD into the one I'm working on, it instantly crashes the...
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    Unsolved RGH support plz

    Hello s7 When I load mw2 on my rgh it loads up fine but when I go on multiplayer sometimes my profile doesn’t load and I can’t find a game online it says 0 players online. Mw3 keeps auto updating when I open it and black ops 2 fatal crashes :/ well... does anymore know how to fix these issues...
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    Solved RGH 2.0 Trinity 360Squirt

    Hey guys, so I'm currently playing around with my old never RGH'd trinity. However I'm facing an issue I cannot pinpoint the reason for currently. I read the NAND just fine, did several reads and comaprison went smooth. Created ECC via J-Runner and flashed it, went okay aswell. When I start the...
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    Solved Xbox 360 Slim Trinity RGH Giving Problems

    Hello all, this thread is about my Xbox 360 (16MB Trinity) and my troubles trying to RGH it. Before I go into detail, let me do some housekeeping: I'm using J-Runner v3 Beta 8 * Matrix SPI NAND Flasher * X360Run Glitcher 96MHz Crystal (Pictures can't be provided because I haven't made 10 posts...
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    GTA 5 !silent! FREE Rp and money drops!

    STATUS=OFFLINE FOR THE NIGHT!!! (gmt time zone) Message gt: "silentplayer 5" 7sins legit And I will invite you Don't forget to post legit And feel free to ask about different games such as cod games ect
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    Ive tried to search for a fix all day but every time i attempt to fix it i end up at square 1 im new to the modding community. i used to use ******** but since they're paid now i use stealthy. I'm not sure if my stealth server is causing the issue or if it is something else but i'm just trying...
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    Solved Need help installing!

    So today i spoofed my Microsoft points so i could get [email protected] for free. Well when i did that i tried copying the files over USB to my pc so i could make a ISO for it. Well that's the thing not really sure how to do that. Please help open for any suggestions. I don't have a disk so i cant extract it...
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    Unsolved RGH Help

    I want to rgh my carona e it is possible for rghing but i dont know if i can use a matrix nand flasher and a ace v3 together and what to do with the matrix nand flasher help would be obligated My Instagram Is Ozyx.v
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    Solved Corona V1 Coolrunner Rev C - Doesn't Boot to Xell

    I've been trying to get my Corona V1 (RGH 2.0) to boot to Xell, but luck isn't on my side. I have tried 50cm, 32cm, and 14cm CPU_RST lengths, all Corona timing files, different Coolrunner configurations and flipping the SLIM/PHAT switch on my Coolrunner - to no avail. Although I have gotten the...
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    Unsolved Why does my RGH take so long to boot up?

    I’ve had this RGH for a while now and this issue came about last week. The RGH does boots up but i have to wait about 5-10 mins. Idk why and how this started happening. After i turn turn it on(inside of where the hdd slot goes) It lights up red then after a min or so it flashes the color green...
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    Solved ⚠️⚠️RGH POWERS ON BUT WONT BOOT⚠️⚠️

    So I've been in the modding community for about 4-5 years, and I've never had this issue, I don't wanna talk about my whole life story so let me get into the issue. My console was working fine until I unplugged everything for about 4-5 days and then when trying to boot, it will power on, but...
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