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    Unsolved Xbox 360 Jasper 16MB RGH 1.2 HELP!!!

    Hey guys, so recently I got my hands on a new Xbox 360 console, a nand x, a cool runner rev c and alt stuff to use with it. However one problem I'm having is that I cant get it to boot!! I managed to read the nands and it said that they are the same, so then I made an ECC and then wrote it to my...
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    Unsolved xbox falcon wont boot to xell

    So i flashed my nand with autogg and my xbox 360 wont show the xell the matrix v3 shows a blue light blinking but thats all and then i reflashed to the original bin then flashed again but still wont boot to xell
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    Unsolved blown up PLL and the resistor under it along with their pads.rgh 1.2 falcon mofo.

    hello, i have a mofo from a freind who blew up the pads of the pll point and the resistor under it. need help with the diagram and alternative points where i can solder a new resistor 10k ohm and the pll point.
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    Unsolved rgh 1.2 jasper wont boot into xell i have tried almost everything. pls help

    i have written the nand back to stock and booted with no problems, but still cant boot into xell. I might throw out this console as i have had success with others.
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    Unsolved Very Strange Boot Times With RGH 1.2 on Jasper

    Hey everyone, so I was wondering if you could help me with one of these Jaspers using an Ace V3 chip. I got 8 phats so far that were done that produce less than 10 seconds for boot times after the first initial boot using the dynamic file (jasper_dyn2), but this one Jasper has got me stumped. It...
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    Unsolved Rrod after Rgh 1.2

    Hello guys , this is my first time on this forum .. I just need help on my phat xbox 360 japser mother board that i want to rgh 1.2 .. I watch a tutorial on youtube and follow him on every single step... - I read my nand twice - i select glitch2 + CR4 and creat ECC and write it with no...
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    Unsolved RGH 1.2 Can't Glitch with CLK Fix

    I had a jasper that I had accidentally ripped the STBY CLK point off awhile ago, point B off of the mother board. I followed a tutorial I believe over on TX, and I was able to revive the console using a resistor between two connected points, one of those points being the CLK Alternative, F2RT2...
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    Discussion RGH 1.2 Coolrunner has Solid Green Light and Won’t Glitch

    I did a fix to a jasper after ripping the pad on STBY_CLK, off of team Xecuter where you solder a resistor in between two points. My console was able to boot after this. But when I tried using the alternate CLK point where the resistor was wired too, the cool runner gets a solid green light, and...
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    Solved Halo 2 "Clean your disc"

    Hi everyone, I recently RGH 1.2 my old falcon 360 and successfully did it, I also modded a 500GB Hard drive. I run Aurora 0.7b, did the partition 2 thing and installed the latest compatibility files from 2018. I can run True Crime Streets of LA and James Bond Everything or Nothing with no...
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    Unsolved Unable to read NAND, getting an odd error?

    So yesterday I got my MTX SPI NAND Flasher V1.0 in the post and started the first half of my RGH on one of two consoles I have. Followed the wiring diagram and installed the pre-installed wire kit which came with the flasher. I used flux and decent solder, connections on the points were good...
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    Unsolved Cant boot into xell RGH Trinity (ACE V3)

    Hi there , this is my first post so go easy please ! I have been quite lucky so far modding about 20+ but only falcons and all types of coronas with different mod chips with or without post fixes so i would like to think im fairly half decent at this now ( i could be wrong) . This is my first...
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    Unsolved First RGH1.2 Jasper mod, some questions

    Hello everyone! First of all thanks for your time and advise, really appreciated! Recently I found this old Xbox360 in my storage and I decided to look up some tutorials about how to mod it. It's a Jasper Phat, currently on dash 17526. I decided to go with the RGH1.2 mod that I found described...
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    Unsolved Rgh 1.2

    When installing the blue wire on the board I knocked off a few resistors. How ****ed am I?
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    Unsolved Rgh 1.2

    When installing the blue wire on the board I knocked off a few resistors. How ****ed am I?
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    Unsolved Jasper SB RGH 1.2 Very slow boot times

    Hello so yesterday i got a Jasper 16mb nand.I readed the nand and everything went smooth,wrote ecc.Programmed my matrix V1/V3 with the 12_21. So i turned the console on and went and made a sandwich,ate and then after 6-7 minutes the console finally booted xell.Got the cpu key,made...
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    Unsolved RGH console can't read the hard drive

    My RGH console can't read or even recognize the (retail 250) hard drive. An intresting thing is, when sometimes it does manage to read the drive and boot into aurora, when I connect an ethernet cable to it, it immediatly stops sending HDMI however the console is still on and the controller...
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    Solved Differences between varie RGHs

    What are the differences between RGHs (1, 1.2, 2, s-rgh)? Which one is best? What glitches can you perform on phats? What glitches can you perform on slims? What chips can you use on phats? What chips can you use on slims? Thanks in advance.
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    Solved Help with RGH chips compatabilty

    Hello, I have a few questions. What motherboards is ace v3 compatable with? What motherboards is coolrunner rev c compatable with? Are all chips compatable with all (except xenon) motherboards? (For the same motherboard type) Can I use the same timing files (.xsvf) in ace v3 and in coolrunner...
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    Unsolved Jasper 16mb jtag maybe problem?

    K, soldered everything, glitched into xell reloaded, copied my cpu key, built the xebuild, wrote it to nand, all that successful. Then it won't boot into the dash or xell. Doing a 1.2 install and still learning. When I copy my original nand I get the 0022 error. On the xebuild nand the...
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    Unsolved Help Me Decide If I Should Stay On Current Dash 9199

    I have 3 Xbox 360s. One Slim Trinity, and 2 Phat Jaspers (one is white. we'll be talking about this one to go along with the title). The black Jasper i put a coolrunner in and did the RGH 1.2 method. Not the best boot times due to my wire routing, but it does work. It was my first chip install...
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