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rgh 1.2

  1. M

    Discussion  Need help with my rgh 1.2 v2 pls

    Need help with my rgh 1.2 v2 on my jasper 360. Im using a coolrunner rev.C and a xflasher 360. im having an issue where the console will not boot into xell the glitch chip just stays blinking and when i tried to reflash the original nand and boot the console and update the dash but it red...
  2. P

    Question  bricked xbox 360 falcon bad nand

    i tried to rgh3 my xbox 360 falcon. i bought a raspberry pi pico and installed pi flasher. i welded a diode and 22k ohm resistor, then, welded my raspberry to nand pins. then went to jrunner and did some errors. at first i lost my original nand beacause i didn't made a backup, but before, i made...
  3. Seaniboi

    Question  Rgh3 pulled pads and Bad Blocks in BB Jasper, what should i do?

    I was installing rgh3 my jaspher 360 and i accidentally pull the pll smc point. I decided to remove the mod and bought a mod chip for rgh 1.2. Will it work with rgh 1.2 or I wasted my money. Another thing when i was dumping my NAND, it say Big Block NAND and it had many bad blocks. What should I do?
  4. kitamime

    Question  Slim Corona bad NAND flash!!! Help please!!!

    Ok so I've glitched Xbox 360 consoles before been a while but I have. Ok so I got a Xbox 360 S w/Corona board, 16mb and was using Matrix V3 and JR Programmer and using the newest edition of J-Runner. I successfully read and flashed the NAND but it would t get out of Xell so I decided to flash it...
  5. J

    Question  Matrix v3, Pi Pico Xenon Modding RGH 1.2

    I am modding a bunch of xbox 360 consoles I bought for dirt cheap (10 I got for about 80$). I have already modded the Falcons, however there are 6 Xenon's that I want to mod as well. I want to know What I need to Mod them Using Matrix Glitcher's (v3) I bought a pack of 10 of them for 25$. Here...
  6. C

    Question  I Need Help With RGH 1.2 On a Slim Trinity Coolrunner Rev C

    Before you ask why I don’t just use an ace v3 or something like that. 1. Not wanting to want months for one just to be DOA. 2. Don’t want to pay 10-20$ for one even tho it will get here quicker. 3. I only have a cool runner rev c. Anyways. I need help in j runner I can only hover over the...
  7. bruhjr

    Question  RGH1.2 Falcon Version 10 Flash Config 0x0000 Error.

    I was modding my falcon following the most recent tutorial uploaded by TheWeekendModder (2018) and I had been booting Xell consistently but was not booting dash. I then started messing with the timing files and cable management and ended up still not booting. I tried bridging the second set of...
  8. C

    Solved  Which tutorial for trinity rgh 1.2 v2?

    Hi, I never modded a Xbox so far and now read about this new method here: What tutorial should I use as a base to do the same? Best regards Coocooc
  9. atvargasd

    Question  Falcon 360 RGH no boot

    Hello everyone, my problem is the following, I have been several hours trying to get my xbox 360 falcon to load the xell, but I can not, I have read the nand twice I have not had bad blocks and the 2 nands were the same, then I created an ecc and Then I have written it, all this with j-runner...
  10. WaffleBox124

    Question  Jrunner error or Jr programmer v2 error not sure.

    Hello I have been trying to get this rgh 1.2 to work since may. I bought a new Glitch chip. I have the JR programmer v2. The first one I got came broken. Bought a new one. Every single time I try and update the firmware on this one I get this message "Erasing Flash ... Failed_1 xxxxxxxxxWrite...
  11. N

    Question  Xbox 360 RGH1.2 really fast resetting

    Hello, I've got a problem with *very* stubborn 512MB Jasper - I tried with Matrix V3, any timing from 15 to 26, the best glitch was at 20 with 8 tries, which is quite bad. After that I tried soldering a 100nF cap on glitcher from PLL (F) to GND, where crystal should be, and that's when ekhm...
  12. C

    Question  Cool runner not programming properly

    I flashed a timing file a few months ago and I need a new one now. I tried flashing a new timing file and it just says USB XSVF Player initialized Xilinx device……. (NOT DETECTED) I have made sure my j r programmer is on the right switches the red light turns on the cool runner and when it...
  13. K

    Question  Lifted Pad near HANA/ broken r4b24 xbox 360 rgh

    Hello, I’ve been reading about repairing this problem, and can’t find the answer to a couple of questions. Firstly, I’ve tried to rgh my first xbox just about a year ago, and I lifted the soldering pad near Hana chip. I thought I could do it cause i’ve got great soldering skills, but well, not...
  14. K

    Solved  RGH 1.2 Suddenly broke Help

    Hello, i’ve got a problem with my 360, Couple of days ago I i turned it on to play some tomb raider, after literally 2 minutes of playing the screen went Green with Red-boxes-crossed out ones. I went to restart it and it no longer boots. The day before I was playing it like i normally would...
  15. Scot Nes

    Solved  RGH1.2 Jasper 16MB refuses to glitch!

    I have done literally everything from rewiring(also soldered to different points) to reflashing modchip and console! Nothing works! Even swapping Coolrunners with my Falcon. And with Falcon each chip works more than fine! Actually Jasper got into XeLL a few times when I tried to glitch console a...
  16. N

    Question  Xbox 360 Matrix RGH diode always on

    Hi, I'm trying to RGH a BB Jasper, on which I accidentaly pulled the PLL point off. The console with bodge wire boots fine with retail image, even with RGH chip soldered but when trying to boot Xell I cannot hear the reseting (fan speed change). The weird thing is that the diode on the Matrix V3...
  17. TheEpicBean

    Solved  I need help with reading the nand on a Xbox 360 Slim Corona 16mb. (I burned a contact out)

    Well, what can I say. I burned the point on the board for the black wire to flash the nand. There is no way you can attach more solder on the spot and there is a clear hole on for the spot. Is there anyway I could still flash the nand, as in splicing the trace and soldering directly to there on...
  18. R

    Question  Jasper RGH 1.2 Trouble might be glitching but no video

    Trying Jasper BB 512, and RGH 1.2 method with Coolrunner rev c. I dumped the nand twice, they were the same. Selected Glitch2, created ecc and wrote ecc to nand. Wired up CR and couldn't get any power to console using dvd ject, front power button or controller. One by one I removed wires...
  19. P

    Question  Jasper Xbox 360 Phat RGH 1.2 Attempt Issues. Any feedback/help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello everyone, I recently have attempted to RGH 1.2 my Jasper Xbox 360 using a Coolrunner Rev C and a JR-Programmer V2. I was able to get it to the point where I was booting Xell and installed operating system on to the console as well and all appeared well. However, when I was turning on the...
  20. S

    Question  Advise - Accidentally removed a trace when soldering

    Hello all, First time doing an RGH 1.2 mod on my Xbox360 Falcon. Process was going well for the most part until I was soldering the last wire and removed both the soldering pad and a bit of the trace. Will this be possible to fix? I am hoping to salvage the machine. This was for the CLK point...
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