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rgh 1

  1. cal2291

    Question  How to skin guide menu and XNotify on Xbox 360 RGH (Freestyle Dash)

    Hi all, I am wondering if its possible to customise the guide menu on an Xbox 360 RGH to look more like the 7371 guide. I am using Freestyle's Dream Theme and the old bootanim.xex but I am wondering if its possible to skin the XNotify and the guide menu without flashing the NAND as I'm unable...
  2. Enjoying420

    Discussion  Jtag/Rgh Discussion

    Looking for other gamers who own a jtag or rgh and knows a little more than i do and have hopfully some game links saved. Ive been looking everywhere for iso files to get games on my rgh i just got. Im just having trouble finding help, people, anything about modding anymore. Lets talk! ?
  3. JoshuaFerns

    Question  RGHing an Xbox 360 from scratch

    Hi, I'm looking forward towards modding my old Xbox 360 console which, after doing some research, found out that its a 4gb corona with the latest 17559 dashboard on it. I'm actually a total noob at this however, since my console is kinda old and with the conception that nothing too big is gonna...
  4. R

    Question  RGH console can't read the hard drive

    My RGH console can't read or even recognize the (retail 250) hard drive. An intresting thing is, when sometimes it does manage to read the drive and boot into aurora, when I connect an ethernet cable to it, it immediatly stops sending HDMI however the console is still on and the controller...
  5. R

    Solved  Differences between varie RGHs

    What are the differences between RGHs (1, 1.2, 2, s-rgh)? Which one is best? What glitches can you perform on phats? What glitches can you perform on slims? What chips can you use on phats? What chips can you use on slims? Thanks in advance.
  6. R

    Solved  Help with RGH chips compatabilty

    Hello, I have a few questions. What motherboards is ace v3 compatable with? What motherboards is coolrunner rev c compatable with? Are all chips compatable with all (except xenon) motherboards? (For the same motherboard type) Can I use the same timing files (.xsvf) in ace v3 and in coolrunner...
  7. MilkySharpMan

    Question  Looking for J-Runner help. Not my first Rodeo, but this is giving me a really rough time.

    I've tried everything I know and have seen online to fix the issues I'm having with my Jasper BB 256mb and not being able to read the NAND. Can someone, well versed in J-Runner errors and NAND dumping, help me out here? I will post my next log file in comments if needed. I posted on some...
  8. MilkySharpMan

    Question  Help Me Decide If I Should Stay On Current Dash 9199

    I have 3 Xbox 360s. One Slim Trinity, and 2 Phat Jaspers (one is white. we'll be talking about this one to go along with the title). The black Jasper i put a coolrunner in and did the RGH 1.2 method. Not the best boot times due to my wire routing, but it does work. It was my first chip install...
  9. O

    Solved  Help with Determining which exploit to use :)

    Hello, I've recently got my hands on what I think is a falcon v1 but I'm not sure. The power socket is the same as a falcon but I think the date isn't right. I'm probably just being a noob here lol. Anyway. I'm wondering if anyone anyone can help me with what is the best exploit to use and...
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